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Bathroom light fixture above sink and ceiling fan/light combo wiring issue

Hey so I'm having an issue hooking up a bathroom light fixture above the sink with a bathroom ceiling fan/light combo. 1) for the light fixture above sink: coming out of the wall there appears to be what is a white black ground and another white black ground. I tried doing black to black white to white ground to ground on the fixture but that resulted in a loud pop noise. I then used a voltmeter and found that one of the white black ground combos appears to have current only when the switch is on and the other has current all the time. In what order do I hook these up to get the switch to work? If I...

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Dishwasher wires twice

I removed my old dishwasher and found that it was wired to the wall and another wire ran behind a plug box under the sink. Why would there be two wires? And do I need to hook the new dishwasher up to both places? #Dishwasher #Wiring

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