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A delicious way to use unripened green tomatoes, these keto fried green tomatoes taste just like the classic southern recipe with their delightfully crunchy coating.

THIS POST INCLUDES AFFILIATE LINKS TO SHARE THE THINGS I LOVE. Jump to Recipe      Print Recipe I love backyard gardening. This year my garden is doing well and not only am I up to my ears in fresh zucchini but my tomato plants are exploding with fruit. Unfortunately, some late spring storms threatened to damage my plants. I picked the largest of the green tomatoes in an effort to prevent damage. What does one do with a bowl of unripened tomatoes? One makes homemade green tomato salsa verde (link when recipe is live), and lots of fried green tomatoes! Fried Green Tomatoes- A Southern Tradition Fried green tomatoes are a Southern staple and tradition. Picking green tomatoes helps...

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