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When a gift is handmade, it carries special meaning

It shows you took the time and effort to make something truly extraordinary. From coasters to cupcakes to potted plants, there are plenty of creative DIY gifts for everyone—including best friends, grandmothers, parents, and party hosts. We’ve collected 57 unique DIY gift ideas that will inspire you to start creating. Keep in mind that the best gifts are both personalized and practical. Something as simple as a cutting board can be decorated or customized in a matter of minutes.     Note your favorite tutorials and try them out the next opportunity you have to give a special gift. And once you’re done with this list, don’t forget to check out our gift finder for extra help finding the perfect present....

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Girls in college know their style

They can transform the simplest of dorm rooms and show off their unique wardrobe while tackling a challenging class schedule. There are so many ways to both help her express her one-of-a-kind creativity and stay organized for the upcoming semester. It’s all about finding a personalized gift that reflects her passions. Whether you’re sending your daughter off to college or are looking for a personalized gift for your girlfriend, these gift ideas for college girls cover it all. College-themed gifts are also excellent for Christmas surprises when she comes home for the holidays each year. Create an unforgettable college experience by filling her dorm room with the comforts of home, the best desk accessories, and small surprises to make her...

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