VDOMUS Kitchen Pot Pan Rack Shelf Wall Mounted Utensil Holder Hanger Bar with 10 Hooks, 24"x 10" Red

VDOMUS Kitchen Pot Pan Rack Shelf Wall Mounted Utensil Holder Hanger Bar with 10 Hooks, 24"x 10" Red

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Kitcehn storage this vdomus pot hanger transforms wasted space wall spacious more digging pots pans looking what want all line neatly front eyes

Appealing design our exclusive red pot hanger practical stylish same time simple yet attractive exquisite paint match all kitchen style creates warm harmonious atmosphere transform welcoming space entire family

Two installation modes comes with all needed accessories step instruction start once have received package special design mount arms top make more room bottom vice versa

Holds lot mesuring moveable hanging hooks fit stuff this shelf mount firmly wall thanks heavy duty screws withstands weight lbs

High quality this pot rack made materials thick hot-rolled steel will bend ideal holding heavy weight ustensiles advantage paint resist daily scrape ensure rustproof only buy want save money long terme

Specifications inches height rack top hook bottom -inch thick hot-rolled steel includes pot hooks screws mounts wall with arms bookshelf model grid included don't have enough storage space kitchen make walls unclutter cupboards attractive fantastically functional doubles shelf features design hang pots pans other tools just how want low-profile red finish works anywhere easy install even drywall all necessary hardware much convenient there hanging below vdomus book great option kitchens need variety extra display are sturdy above supported two mounted directly cheerful plant canisters flour sugar decorative country chickens made high-capacity this has durable simulated hammered powder-coated racks countertop cabinet keep clutter-free organized designed smaller average middle-america home apartment cost-effective way upgrade organize minutes these practical easily super-strong new technology anchors eliminating search joists studs perfect first affordable compact pieces feature esteemed name superior quality similarly priced brands satisfaction guarantee believe our any problems suggestions please contact freely provide friendly easy-to-reach support