Wall Hook, Large Twisted Ball End

Wall Hook, Large Twisted Ball End

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These are another variation of our very popular large ball end hooks but made from 3/8" square stock and twisted like the smaller versions.

Hand forged as always here in our Vermont blacksmith shop. Heated in a traditional coal fire forge and hand hammered to shape on and antique anvil.

We then hand apply whichever finish is chosen. A time consuming process but one that makes all our iron work unique and one of a kind.

They are a large heavy duty hook that can handle whatever you throw at it and look good doing it. I made these large enough so my customers would be able to hang several hangers full of clothes from them if needed and not worry about it bending. Mounting screws are included with each hook. Approximately 6" long and sitting away from the way about 3"

Shown in our black oil finish but also available in our rust brown and gray finishes as well.

Shipped priority mail and up to 8 hooks can be mailed in one box with no increase in shipping costs