Screw In Wall Hook, Hand Forged Wrought Iron

Screw In Wall Hook, Hand Forged Wrought Iron

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Here is another variation of our regular ceiling hooks but made to work horizontally.

They can be used for many applications that needs a hook which sits away from the wall such as holding curtain rods and small planters. These also work well for hanging large heavy cast iron pans.

Made right here in our Vermont blacksmith shop. Heated in a coal fired forge and hammered to shape on an antique anvil these hooks are distinctly handmade. Very strong when screwed into a beam or other wood structure. Approximately 5" total length with 2" to the center of the hook to the end of the thread when driven in completely.

Only available in our black oil finish.

*******Up to 15 hooks can be shipped in one flat rate box with no increase in shipping cost ******