The best day yesterday was!

Saturday 26th November 2022 
Focus on the good days!

Sometimes you get those days where everything just goes right and things are great, yesterday was one of those days from the moment we woke up.

You can tell I've got my cooking mojo back, cos I have a burn on both wrists, which means I've got my super cooking mojo on!  We had a wonderful email to start our day so we celebrated with this omelette, stuffed with gammon ham, onions and cheese, oh and that's clover and it's not light!  

In case you haven't read any of this week's blogs, I've had a free '3 meals for 4 people' box, all I had to pay was the delivery £4.99, I checked and you can cancel at any time or miss weeks, there's also a tenner off the 2nd and 3rd week, if you want to give it a try, here's the link Free Hello Fresh Box

What was this email you ask; well, it was the copy of the custody order from Ireland for Aryn, his future in the UK is sorted, I was so relieved I cried lol, as I do these days.

Then we had another email asking for import fees for the passport gumph, I just paid it so hopefully that'll be delivered by Monday.  Then his mom can sign it and it'll be at the passport office by next Friday.  I wanted it for Christmas so I could wrap it up as a gift with a plane ticket possibly but never mind it's not a must and we have plenty of time for surprises!

Another really positive thing that's happened over the last couple of days is Aryn's shown an interest in going to the local school that he was originally meant to attend, so I called and chatted to his head teacher at his school yesterday and they're going to start looking into options ready for us all to discuss (Aryn included) at his next review on December 9th.  

We now had lots to celebrate so we went to the pub at lunchtime and enjoyed a few to celebrate whilst Aryn was at school, now I struggle with what to drink when out but this one was actually okay, not the best wine in the world but I managed the bottle :) 

We were home to make this delicious plate of food for an early tea, Aryn of course took charge again and cooked the Hello Fresh 'Mexican Style Beef Loaded Wedges with cheddar, black beans and pepper.  

Now I wasn't looking forward to this one, I don't get beans really, they're not my favourite food and I wouldn't choose Mexican as a cuisine but WOW I really enjoyed it, the wedges cooked better in the Ninja than the oven, I always think potatoes take longer in the oven than a recipe says, could be my oven I guess, but it's been every oven I've ever used!

We sat and chatted about his day at school, what the teacher had said and generally just caught up on each other's lives, so good to do it, it's so good to see how far he's come in the last 12 months and that's not even starting on his change in appearance, he is seriously growing, only a few inches shy of the door frame in the living room I reckon!  

We've got a great day planned too (hopefully), morning at the huddle for me, then we are off to Birmingham for his Birthday meal at Haidilao Hot Pot, his choice, we loved it when we went and he wants his dad to experience it which I think is lovely.  He wants to be able to show him how to do it doesn't he and be the 'expert' in the room. We're gonna drive because of the train strikes so hopefully we can park by the Bull Ring! 

None of this is helping my weight loss journey as you can see but I ain't worried about that because I'm enjoying my life too much.  I'll get back to the swimming and the gym from Monday, me and Aryn will get fit!  

Here's to a great weekend, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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