November 2022: First Three Weeks

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Homeschooling and Miscellany

It is really hard to start school on time when you discover that you 7-year-old has dressed up as Jacob Marley, including dragging around a box of coins on a "chain," and is planning an entire sibling production of "A Christmas Carol."

After our watching the movie "Coco" for the first time and learning a Mexican-themed memory song in school during the same week, Thomas is playing a guitar and singing Mexican-esque music throughout the house basically continually.

Thomas reading at his brother’s ice hockey game. That boy reads, reads, reads!

Visiting a relics display

This cardboard box has been supplying entertainment for weeks.

Boys coloring a turkey (which later the dogs chewed to bits)

Joseph found a snake.

Older kids are more and more helpful every day! 

Margaret cooking hamburgers

John replacing our powder room sink

Alter Server Practice

Fall Leaves

A nine-year-old boy and a pile of dry leaves is a wonderful thing.

The perfectly crisp, dry leaves on this day of ideal fall weather were a joy while they lasted! See if you can spot Joseph.

Dogs love leaf piles, too!

Music Happenings

Our family was very pleased to attend the YOC concert to watch Mary perform after a couple of years off! It was also the first time we tried taking our younger boys instead of hiring a babysitter to leave them at home: they had fun, even if very tired! Video clips of the songs are below for grandparent types who want to watch.

Celebrating Mary's 14th Birthday

Happy 14th birthday to our eldest daughter, Mary! You are a treasure and have such great potential. We are excited to see where God takes you in this life.

Chocolate pudding pie with family the next day

Family gifts

Fun Food 

I tried a new pancake recipe this morning (recipe here) that many of us LOVED. Two of us refused to try them for 90 minutes "because they have Greek yogurt in them!" . . . and then finally gave in, tried them, and ate many pancakes in a row. If one batch makes a dozen pancakes, one pancake is 123 calories, 19 g carbs, 2 g fat, 6 g protein. These were the fluffiest pancakes I've ever made! (I used fat-free Greek yogurt, but if one used plain full-fat Greek yogurt, the fat would be higher.) (N.B. A typical Bisquick pancake would be 28 g carbs each.)  

(So Many) Puppy Pics

Keeping Mama company during lesson planning today

First and last time I ever put a load of clean laundry on the floor

After our ten-minute potty walk out in the 26-degree, still-dark morning at 6:00 a.m., I wish I could crawl back into my warm bed as well!

Morning greeting ritual with John

Helping Mary practice piano

Tilly's big ears

Nicky's big ears

Exhausted after Mama groomed Tilly

Exhausted after Mama groomed Nicky

Happy first birthday to our darling Tilly girl! She is quite the adored puppy around here topping out around 11 pounds. Even Nicky agrees: Tilly is actually the alpha dog and he would do anything for her.

Birthday cake: Celery with peanut butter and Cheerios

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