More Fun Quarantine Meals

Hello Lovelies!!

Got a request for an encore performance of my post a few weeks ago featuring my favorite cheap recipes! Now that we all can bake bread, here are some of my favorite new discoveries you can enjoy!

All The Baked Goods


OK so I am not cool enough to make anything from scratch (except crepes: featured in this article) but if you are lazy like me, I recommend stocking up on all the Betty Crocker brownie mixes, ready-to-bake bread, and fridgerated cookie mixes

On to the real recipes…

Fajita Tacos

This one is similar to Taco Omelettes, but instead of eggs, I use chicken tenders and add onion, red and green peppers, and some extra spices for flavor!


You will need:

  • chicken strips/tenders (raw)
  • green peppers
  • red peppers
  • onions
  • spices
  • corn tortillas
  • mexican cheese (you can do queso blanco or a medley)


Before you set up your tortillas and cheese to heat on a hot plate, sauté the peppers and onion together for a couple minutes to get the flavor going. Next, cut chicken strips to small sizes, add some salt, pepper and anything else you want (I add paprika but that’s just me), and then add them to your pan! Flip the chicken so it cooks evenly, then when you are ready add them to your tortillas with some cheese (melted) and you’re set!

The Picnic At Home!

So this is one of my favorite easy lunches (no heat required!)


You will need:

  • bread (baguette preferred)
  • strawberries and other fruits
  • an assortment of cheeses (I recommend one soft and one hard, and my favorites are Gruyere and Chèvre)
  • an assortments of lunch meats (salami, prosciutto, etc)
  • olives or other charcuterie things like mustard if you’re feeling fancy
  • people often add wine but I do not drink

And there you go! Put it all in a basket and enjoy either in the living room or the backyard!



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