Mole Verde is a Mexican sauce that accompanies grilled meat/seafood, beans and rice. In the original Mexican recipe includes a herb that is called Epazote. However, unfortunately it is impossible to find this herb in anywhere else than Mexico.


1,5 kg tomatillos -husk tomatoes (If you cannot find husk tomatoes, you substitute it with green tomatoes)

200 gr onions

2 cloves of garlic

100 gr basil

80 gr tarragon

20 gr coriander

10 jalapeos (9 without seedS, 1 with seeds)

100 gr pumpkin seeds

1 coffee spoon sugar


Peel the husks of the tomatillos, cut them into half.

Peel the onions and chop into large pieces. Peel the garlics.

Saut the tomatoes, onions and garlic with some olive oil.

Cut the jalapeos into half and take the seeds of 9 jalapeos, leave 1 with seeds.

Place all ingredients into food processor, smash all ingredients until it gets the texture of puree.

Filter it through a cheesecloth until it looses excess water. (Preferably keep it in the cheese cloth overnight)

You can add this paste the sauces for meat, chicken or pasta to enjoy an extra flavor and taste.

Buen provecho!

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