Kimmie Gets Us into the Holiday Spirit with These Christmas Bunuelos

Bunuelosare a popular holiday dish in Southern Europe and Latin America. It generally refers to fried dough, but there are several iterations in the region. Colombian bunuelos are doughy balls made using yucca flour and white curd cheese; while Cuban bunuelos are made of ground yucca and malanga. On this special episode of Cooking with Kimmie, our chef teaches us how to make Mexican bunuelos. Unlike the others, this version uses pantry ingredients, and are flat and shaped like discs. Theyre usually topped with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, then drizzled with syrup made frompiloncillo.

No bwelo-bwelo, only bunuelos.

To get the right texture, its important to balance the flour and water in your dough. If theres too little liquid, youre gonna end up with tough, rock-hard fritters. Youre bound to have leftover dough. And since we dont recommend re-working it into a new batch, we encourage you to fry them as little strips of bunuelos. (Thats what we did, and we loved it.)

For a Filipino twist, our recipe swaps out the piloncillo syrup for coco jam. But you can really customize the toppings as you want. Just remember that theres not a lot of sugar in the dough itself, so most of the sweetness will come from whatever you add later.

Christmas Bunuelos

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