Instant Pot Black Beans

Simple Instant Pot Black Beans prepared from dried black beans, onion, garlic, bell pepper,jalapeo, and spices. These hearty and flavorful Cuban style black beanswill quickly become an easy meal prep staple.

Black Bean and Rice Bowl

These easy and hearty Instant Pot Black Beans have quickly become a staple in our household. In fact, Ive made them more times than I can count this month.

While I love to cook, Id be lying if I said that Im alwaysin the mood to cook on busy weeknight evenings.

Sometimes life happens and all you want is do is look in the fridge and be able to throw together a nutritious, hearty dinner in minutes.

These pressure cooker black beans, inspired by traditional Cuban black beans, have become our favorite answer in these moments. Theyre an ideal fridge staple to have on hand for easy meals throughout the week.


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