How to make the perfect quesadilla | Felicity Cloake

They are simply fresh corn tortillas folded over melted cheese, and anything else you might fancy but whats the best way to go about making these Mexican morsels?

The quesadilla, according to chef Enrique Olvera, is the simplest of pleasures, and is described by Rick Bayless as the grilled cheese sandwich of Mexico though, perhaps surprisingly, despite their name, these toasted tortillas dont always contain cheese. Whatevers inside, however, theyre the perfect quick feast, as much like an empanada or pasty as a mere sandwich, and best enjoyed hot from the grill with a lick of salsa and a second already on its way. But if you dont have a taco stall handy, churning out handmade tortillas faster than you can eat them, whats the closest to heaven you can get at home?

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