Christmas Cookie Ideas (with Foolproof Recipes)

Christmas cookie ideas are often elusive right when you need them. Now, you can use this convenient list with wholesome recipes that work for stress-free holiday baking! Simply save this post to refer to when it’s time to bake for the holidays. 

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This extensive list of Christmas cookie ideas (over 60 recipes) will be one I hope you’ll refer to every year!

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Whether it’s Christmas cookies for family, Santa, neighbors, a cookie exchange, or even holiday gifts, you’ll find a recipe for almost every type of cookie you may want right here. Traditional Christmas cookies, international treats, no bake ideas, gluten free, egg free, dairy free bakes, and vegan recipes are included.

half eaten lemon ricotta cookie

Why are These Christmas Cookie Ideas so Marvelous?

Zimtsterne on a Christmas plate

I originally published a post about winning a Christmas cookie recipe contest with the LA Times many years ago. The winning cookies are featured in the photo below the following two of me in the LA Times test kitchen.

    “My very own Snow Cookies were chosen as one of the LA Times Top 10 Favorite Cookies this year!”
It was one of my very first food contest wins, so as you can see, I was very happy!

christina at the LA Times

Christina in the LA Times kitchen

I took a platter of my award-winning snow cookies to a food blogger cookie swap. My snow cookies didn’t last long at the cookie swap; everyone loved them!

Ever made a yule log? It’s delicious and much easier to make than you think!

yule log cake

Every year, I love to bake treats, cookies, biscotti and more to give to friends and neighbors. Home-baked goods are always so appreciated, especially when they are delicious cookies!

snow cookies on a tray as on of christmas cookie ideas

I know good cookies, and all the recipes I’ve collected and shared on this list are made from whole/real, minimally processed ingredients. You won’t find any boxed cake or cookie mixes, pre-made frostings, or exhorbitant amounts of sugar. Wrapping the cookies can be as simple as a food-safe bag and some ribbon or yarn, or extravagant tins, pretty boxes or festive baskets.

moravian cookies

Christmas Cookie Ideas,
and Recipes You’ll be Delighted to Make

If you’re tired of looking for foolproof and delicious Christmas cookie recipes, your quest has come to an end. I’m thrilled to help, which is why I curated this fantastic collection of Christmas cookie recipes. Let me know which of these Christmas cookie ideas you’ll be baking! 

Christmas Cookie Ideas (with Recipes)

Christmas cookie idea list with recipes that will work for stress-free holiday baking.


Chocolate Argentinian Alfajores

Photo Credit:

Two soft cookies sandwiched together with creamy dulce de leche and covered in melted chocolate. (Nut-free)


Almond and Orange Biscotti

A crunchy Italian style cookie that's great with tea or coffee.


Almond Bread (Australian Almond Biscuits or Biscotti)

Super crunchy biscotti that apparently are from Australia.


Berliner Kranz Cookies - traditional recipe

Photo Credit:

Berliner Kranz translates into “Berlin Wreaths” which, surprisingly, are Norwegian Christmas Cookies.


Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies

Photo Credit:

Who can resist brown sugar and pecans on a soft cookie?


Christmas Candy Cane Cookies Recipe

Photo Credit:

Cute, minty cookies in the shape of candy canes.


Caramel Currant Oat Crisps

A chewy, lacey cookie that is sandwiched together with a Port buttercream! (Egg and nut free)


Chai Tea Cookies

These chai tea cookies are made in the shape of a teabag, complete with string and tag! (Egg free)


Chai Spice Cookies with Chocolate

Photo Credit:

Spicy chai and chocolate cookies. (Nut free)


Christmas Pudding Cookies

Photo Credit:

Delightfully festive cookies that look like little Christmas puddings! (Nut free)


Chewy Date Cookies with Pecans

Photo Credit:

Dates and pecans come together beautifully in this delightful cookie.


Tuile Cigar Cookies (Pirouettes)

Photo Credit:

Thin, crisp, crunchy and simply delicious!


Coconut Macaroons (How to Make them Like the French)

Photo Credit:

Simple coconut macaroons just like they're made in France! (Gluten and nut free)


Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Photo Credit:

Minty, chocolatey and also gluten free!


Homemade Custard Creams

A traditional and classic British biscuit (cookie in the US) which melts in your mouth and just tastes so good! (Egg and nut free)


Chocolate Eggnog Cookies

Photo Credit:

Creamy eggnog and rich chocolate flavor in one pillowy soft cookie. (Nut free)


Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Photo Credit:

Gingerbread with a chocolate twist! (Nut free)


Christmas Crescent Cookies

Photo Credit:

Buttery, nutty bites of powdered sugar coated deliciousness. (Egg free)


Coconut Macaroons: Cookies and Sandwiches (Nut free)

A super easy macaroon recipe which requires no beating egg whites until stiff.


Danish Butter Cookies- Festive & Delicious

Buttery cookies with a long life (if you can hide them long enough) and sprinkles! (Nut free)


Danish Fedtebrod - Coconut Cookie Slices with Rum Glaze

Photo Credit:

Short buttery cookies packed with coconut and topped with a rum glaze. (Egg and nut free)



Photo Credit:

German gingerbread, the King of Lebkuchen. (Gluten and dairy free)


Empire Biscuits

A classic Scottish biscuit topped with icing and filled with raspberry jam. (Nut free)


European Gingerbread Cookies

Photo Credit:

Classic European Gingerbread with a Light Glaze. (Nut free)


Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies

Photo Credit:

These gingerbread crinkle cookies are a beautiful addition to your Christmas cookie platter.


Florentine Cookies

Photo Credit:

Lacy, crisp and sweet, these cookies are simply addictive! (Egg free)


Ginger Chip Spice Cookies

Photo Credit:

Ginger x 3 in these soft and spicy cookies! (Nut free)


Hallon Cookies

Photo Credit:

Raspberry jam cutout cookies no one can resist. (Nut free)


Hojarascas (Mexican Shortbread Cookies)

Photo Credit:

Mexican shortbread cookies covered in a sweet cinnamon and sugar coating. (Egg and nut free)


4-Ingredient Hazelnut Cookies

Easy to make with only 4 ingredients; perfect for nut lovers! (Egg free)


Hedgehog Cookies

Adorable shortbread cookies shaped like hedgehogs. (Egg free)


Honey Lemon Sable Biscuits

Photo Credit:

A delightful honey and lemon flavored cookie everyone will love. (Nut free)


Iced Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Photo Credit:

Impressive peppermint iced cookies anyone can master.


Italian Butter Cookies

A classic Italian-immigrant cookie recipe that's perfect for any Christmas event! (Nut free)


Lemon Ricotta Cookies (Biscotti alla Ricotta Morbidi)

A soft, cake-like cookie with a tart and lemony sweet icing. (Nut free)


Linzer Cookies

Austrian butter cookies filled with jam.


Homemade Maple Leaf Cookies

Photo Credit:

Maple flavored, leaf-shaped sandwich cookies filled with maple butter frosting and are perfect for gift-giving.


Melomakarona (Greek Christmas Honey Cookies)

Photo Credit:

These traditional Greek butter cookies are easy to make, studded with roasted almonds and always a favorite during the Christmas season. (Egg and dairy free)


Melting Moments - Mini Oat Cookies

Photo Credit:

Oaty cookies that are easy to make and melt in your mouth. (Egg free)


No Suet Mincemeat Pinwheels

Photo Credit:

Easy to make puff pastry mincemeat pinwheels are a unique and delicious way to use mincemeat. (Egg free)


Mostaccioli Cookies

Photo Credit:

Traditional Neapolitan chocolate cookies served at Christmastime. (Egg and dairy free)


Moravian Molasses Cookies

Photo Credit:

Moravian Molasses cookies are wafer thin, crispy and spicy, and make a great packable cookie.


Norwegian Butter Cookies (Serinakaker)

Photo Credit:

Superb butter cookies from Norway.



Made in a waffle iron, traditional Italian pizzelle are light, crisp and delicious!



Photo Credit:

Another famous German Christmas cookie filled with spice.


Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free)

Such a delicious tasting cookie, no one will ever guess that there is no flour in the recipe.


Peppermint Christmas Wreath Cookies

Photo Credit:

Peppermint fans will love these beautiful wreath cookies.


Simple Almond Cranberry Crunch Cookies

Photo Credit:

If you love granola, these almond and cranberry cookies are for you.


Orange Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Three festive flavors come together in these buttery cookies.


Stained Glass Cookies

Photo Credit:

This delicious sugar cookie recipe adds hard candies to make cookies that look like stained glass!


Tuile Cookies (Tuiles aux Sesame)

Photo Credit:

Thin, deliciously crisp wafers with sesame seeds.


Taralli dolci, or “Nana’s Cookies”

Photo Credit:

Sweet Italian cookies (but not too sweet) that are perfect for breakfast or in the afternoon with a cup of coffee.


Soft Amaretti Cookies: Tested until Perfect!

Photo Credit:

Classic Italian almond cookies. (Gluten and dairy free)


Vegan Speculoos Cookies (Homemade Biscoff)

Photo Credit:

Vegan speculoos cookies are full of cinnamon and spice flavor that everyone loves. (Vegan)


Rugelach Cookie Recipe {with a Gluten-Free Option}

Photo Credit:

Soft cream cheese dough with a cinnamon laced filling shaped into crescents are a classic cookie loved by many.


Scottish Snowballs

A traditional Scottish treat with that great coconut and raspberry flavor combination!


Shortbread (Recipe from Scotland)

Classic and authentic Scottish Shortbread recipe containing only three ingredients: flour, butter and sugar.


Snowballs - No Bake Coconut Bites

Photo Credit:

No bake treats for coconut lovers.


Snow Cookies - Holiday Cookie Bakeoff Favorite (Winner)

Two buttery cookies sandwiched together with raspberry jam, iced and sprinkled with finely shredded, unsweetened coconut.


Zimtsterne: German Cinnamon Stars

A light, sweet, gluten free German cookie delight that is popular at Christmastime.


Giftable: Cookie Mix in a Jar (with Free Printable!)

Photo Credit:

Last, but not least, if you would rather give a non-baked gift to someone, this "Cookies in a Jar" idea, is a fabulous option.

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