Alfajores {AKA Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies}

Alfajores are tender sandwich cookie filled with a layer of dulce de leche and commonly rolled in coconut. The are popular cookie found in many Latin American countries and when packaged you can often find them dipped in chocolate. They have long been one of my families favorite cookies!

Alfajores cookies in a long wooden box.

My Favorite Alfajores Recipe

I first discovered these gourmet cookies thanks to my Husband. He lived in Argentina for a few years and they were one of his favorite treats there so of course I had to learn how to make them.

I can't understand why these delicious dulce de leche filled, shortbread-like cookies aren't super popular here in the United States. These cookies melt in your mouth!

Surprisingly enough I like these cookies best the second day. Just after adding the dulce de leche to cookies are still nice and crisp but after resting the moisture of the dulce de leche soaks into the cookies and makes them deliciously tender. Which would you prefer crisp or soft and tender?

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