York Public Library Hooked Rug Exhibit

Yesterday I spent the morning in York, Maine and one of my stops was to check out the new exhibit at the York Public Library.Through December, the walls on the main floor of the library are covered with new works by the Seacoast Ruggers, a longstanding local rug-hooking group.

I had seen a small ad in the local newspaper for the exhibit, but was genuinely surprised at the amount of rugs on display when I got there. Every single wall, alcove, reading room, you name it, had a handmade rug on display.

Im more into the primitive style of rug hooking, and using larger strips of wool in my projects {which makes hooking the rugs go a lot faster}. Most of the rugs on display were hooked with a much smaller cut {of wool} than I use, but holy canolies, the amount of detail work that was squeezed into the rugs by using the smaller strips of wool was pretty amazing.

Look at this salmon! I dont think I would have the patience to hook something like that, but man oh man is it cool or what? That takes some talent, thats for sure.

Anyway, I know most of you reading this wont be able to go check out the exhibit yourselves, but if you are in the area and even remotely interested in rug hooking, I think you would love seeing all these {and oodles and oodles more of} rugs on display at the York Public Library. You could even take a friend, and make a morning of it and stop for lunch at Stonewall Kitchen.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone,


York Library
15 Long Sands Rd
York, ME 03909

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