Working From Home Desk Solutions

Working From Home Desk Solutions

You might be yearning for a solid workspace right about now if you’re not accustomed to working from home. Working from bed or from the couch has its benefits, but also its downsides and you will find yourself in need of a desk or some semblance of a hard surface to work on, at the very least. For small apartments, the dining table or kitchen counter proves to be viable options, although they’re not the most ergonomic or adaptable.

Having a full-scale office setup is not always a realistic choice, although it’s the ideal one. From trays and folding desks to coffee tables (yes, really) and more in between, you can find a handful of clever ways to get around working from home in a perfect makeshift workspace.

The folding desk

One of the most versatile options is the folding desk: you set it up in the morning and tuck it when you finish your tasks. Look for a folding desk that has a sleek finish, a narrow but long work surface, and a foldable frame that makes it easy to slide into the corner (or even stash under the sofa!) when you don’t need it. If you want to bust out your hammer and add a hook or two to your set up you could also hand it on a wall.

The “breakfast tray” for working from home comfort

Have you dreamed of breakfast in bed? Now you can even work in bed. You can use a “breakfast tray” that pulls double duty for those who prefer to remain mobile. This option is useful for creating an ad hoc standing desk on the kitchen counter and it also helps you prevent wrist or neck strain when you’re slightly horizontal.

Sofa Arm Tray

Don’t you know what a sofa arm tray is? Well, consider your life changed. Small but mighty, they take up virtually no extra space but still manage to provide plenty of support. This handmade slatted wood wrap can easily adapt to your sofa’s arm width and lends a sturdy surface for your laptop and morning cuppa.

Standing Desk

We know you’re looking for ways to stretch your legs because you had enough of being stuck inside. Look for a minimalist console that will allow you to sneak a handful of storage opportunities for keys, charging cords, and bags, but it can also be used as a standing desk.

Lap Desk

The lap desk is an affordable and adaptable option, great for those who prefer—or simply can’t—be tied down to a single spot as a workspace.

The small space desk

In our opinion, the champion is the three-in-one-piece small space desk. You’ll have a solid workspace plus a shelf underneath for your essentials if you keep it as it is. Transform it into a dining table, perfect for a plus one coworker while you unfold the leaf.

Which solution works best for your home workspace? Choose the one that suits best your space and your working needs. Working from home has its challenges, but you can pass over them and be productive.