What radio antenna connector is required? (FM/AM)

I need to hook up a coaxial antenna cable from my FM antenna to my stereo. The stereo is actually an RV (recreational vehicle) unit because it fit into a very tight space in my house (wall mounted, limited depth) so maybe has a different connector than what you'd normally find.

The cable right now is just a bare coax cable that I need to add ends to. The antenna end is a normal male coax connector, but what the stereo end needs is unclear...

The manual doesn't say anything in detail about what type of connector is needed for the antenna cable. This is the diagram from the manual:

enter image description here

It literally says nothing at all about the connector.

This is a photo of the actual connector on the stereo:

enter image description here

(sorry that's not as clear as I'd like, its hard to get the camera in there without disassembling things).

I assume this is some kind of standard connector, but I'm not familiar with this type of thing to know any details. Its a Jensen stereo.