Wash your infant safely with the best baby bathtub

Washing a newborn can be daunting and scary, washing an infant a slippery struggle, and washing a toddler a test of patience. Make bathtime a happy time by ensuring you have the right tub to meet your baby's needs and to suit the space you have available. We have rounded up a collection of baby bathtubs that range from in-sink solutions to portable options, to tubs that will see your child through until they can use the full-size version. You're sure to find a product to suit you within our choices, meaning all you need to worry about is finding the rubber duck.


The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

Staff Pick

This tops our selection as although it doesn't have the playful design of some of the rival products; it's a very practical, affordable solution that will take you from newborn to toddler. Available in pink or blue, it comes with a washable mesh sling to safely hold younger babies, older infants can be bathed in the tub without the sling, and there's enough room for toddlers to sit upon the ledge in the tub.

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Have a whale of a time

Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby and Toddler Bathtub

This fun design will also see you from newborn to sitting stage. The whale-shaped tub, available in blue or grey, comes with a mesh "smart sling" with padded edges that locks into two positions, the first offering head-to-toe support for newborns, the section lower position supports infants learning to sit. Other handy features are a drain plug and a swivel hook to hang the tub up.

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It's amphibi-fun

Mommy's Helper Froggie Collection Inflatable Bathtub

If you're looking for a portable or temporary baby bathtub solution, or you just really don't have the space for a "proper" tub, this inflatable option might be worth considering. It's just a basic bath-shaped blow-up, but it does offer a safe, padded space to clean your infant. The built-in saddle horn keeps the baby in place and from sliding around the tub, and there's a drain hole in the bottom for simple water release.

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Irrelapsable collapsible

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

This simple option has a clever collapsible design that means it flattens completely for space-saving storage, and then the legs fold out for use. In newborn position, you push down one end of the inner bath to create a reclining position for your baby; then, when they can sit unsupported, you can push the entire base down to create a deeper space to wash them in.

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Please be seated

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bathtub

If you're understandably nervous about letting your baby lie down in water, consider this sit up solution that holds the baby upright in a safe, seated position. This design also means the baby sits in deeper water, so good for colder climes. Suitable for use on a flat surface, in a sink or tub, there's a built-in support bump and a slightly padded foam backrest for comfort.

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Really foursome

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub

This four-stage solution gives you a soft mesh sling for newborns, a "baby stopper" insert to prevent older babies from sliding under the water, and a "sit-me-up" support to help unsteady bathers. Stage four sees the tub being used alone as a toddler-sized option. As well as the tub and inserts, you get accessories a fun squeeze bottle and whale-shaped scoop for rinsing or play.

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Quacking good fun

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Suited to infants from six to 24 months old, this takes the classic bathtime rubber duckie theme to the next level. The padded tub is comfortable for little ones to sit in, and it has a textured bottom to stop them from sliding around. From a safety point of view, there's a "White Hot" indicator on the bottom of the bath to warn you if the water is too hot.

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All about the base

Summer Comfort Height Bathtub

This excellent value option offers something for the parent as well as the baby a raised platform to save your aching back. The removable newborn bath support inclines to suit younger babies, and the large tub can be used up to around two years old. The tub and base lock together securely but can be separated, with the base then suitable to be used as a stand-alone kneeler or step stool.

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Don't get that sinking feeling

Boon Soak Three-Stage Bathtub

Suitable for use from four months to up to 18 months old, the Boon Soak is a baby bathtub solution to fit most double sinks. It offers three-stage positioning and has a contoured back wall with non-slip foam to hold the baby in place and an adjustable bump for extra stability. The drain plug is temperature-sensitive and color-changing to help you get the correct water warmth.

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Chasing waterfalls

Summer Warming Waterfall Bathtub

Babies are very vulnerable to low temperatures. If you're concerned about this or know you'll be bathing your infant in cold ambient temperatures, this could help. The bathtub has a warming waterfall mechanism built-in to gently circulate the water and comes with a soft washcloth to warm their chest. The newborn bolster can be removed to keep using the tub as your baby grows, and it has a handy caddy on the side for bathing essentials.

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Anatomically correct

Primo EuroBath

This rather utilitarian-looking option is popular around the world for its practical design. Its unique anatomical shape with safety supports for forearm and legs is designed to suit babies under six months lying down and infants up to two years sitting up. There are two indents to keep bathing products close to hand, and it has a built-in drain hole. Not a space-saving solution, this can hold a warming 38 quarts of water.

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Fo-amazing for newborns

Puj Tub Soft Foldable Baby Bathtub

Finally, not another tub, but a baby bathtub alternative, the Puj Tub is suited from newborn to around six months old and is a soft, foldable solution designed to fit inside sinks. Made of mold and mildew resistant baby-safe foam materials, it cradles your baby by holding together with strong magnets while you wash them in the sink, then hangs flat for easy drying and storage.

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Our overall staff pick, the The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub nabs the top slot as it's an affordable baby bathtub that, if looked after properly, will be the only baby bathing solution you need to invest in.

Other options that take you from newborn to toddler include the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub that comes complete with a handy seat and the Primo EuroBath which offers a unique anatomical design.

Finally, if you're looking for a portable baby bathtub option, consider the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub option. As in inflatable tub, it obviously flattens down for easy transportation. It can also be used inside a full-size tub as a fun way to introduce toddlers to a larger bath. Who's not going to enjoy splashing around in a giant rubber duck?

While the products in this collection have various comfort and safety features, no baby bathtub is EVER safe to leave your baby alone in, even if it's just for a matter of seconds. Always ensure you have everything you need to hand BEFORE you place your baby into the water.