Vago Portable Compressor Makes Packing More Efficient

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life easier, and I suspect that the Vago Portable Compressor might be just such an item. If you are trying to pack or store clothing and you want to be as space-efficient as possible, the Vago can help make that happen.

The Vago is a cute little gadget that functions as a powerful and portable compressor. I had a chance to check it out while attending the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show in Hong Kong this week.

Made to be safe for travel, the Vago doesn’t have an internal battery of any kind; instead, you simply hook it to a MicroUSB cable and let it go to work.

Vago makes several sizes of reusable compression bags — smaller bags that cold a couple of clothing items to bags that are big enough to hold comforters. To get started, you just load your clothing inside the bag …

… snap the Vago onto the bag’s built-in port …

… plug in the USB cable …

… and let the Vago go to work. You can power it from a battery pack, a laptop, or from any USB wall charger.

The bag on the left is uncompressed, and the bag on the right has been compressed. This is a handy way to get more into a smaller carry-on suitcase, and it’s also a great way to deal with dirty clothes while traveling — you can shove them into the bag and compress them down so they don’t touch or stink up your clean clothes. Vago would also be handy at home if you swap out and store wardrobes depending upon the time of year or if you just need to better utilize storage space for seldom-used items like extra comforters or sweaters.

Vago was a successful Kickstarter last year, and you can now find the Vago portable air compressor on Amazon [affiliate link]. I’m going to buy one because it looks pretty handy!

Here’s the video from their Kickstarter …


Disclosure: I’m in Hong Kong for the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show as their guest; they paid for my travel, room, and some meals, but there were no conditions or expectations made regarding what I chose to write about regarding my experience.
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