This Shape-Shifting Material Topped Etsy’s 2020 Trend Forecast

Resin is known for its strong, durable properties, which is why you often find it used in industrial settings to make things like garbage cans, glue, car parts, and even kitchen flooring. A coffee table, coaster, or jewelry organizer made out of the stuff is harder to come by, but not for long. According to Etsy’s 2020 trend report, the material is taking over the home. 

In the past six months, the e-commerce site has seen a 62 percent increase in searches for resin items. A true shape-shifter, it can be used to make everything from hyperpigmented vessels to floral-covered furniture (sculptor Marcin Rusak sealed clippings in black resin to create fossil-like lamps and partition screens). Bring home some much-needed whimsy with these seven finds:
The Bright Lighting Idea

Tallo light, Adrian Cruz, inquire for price

Inspired by the structure of a flower, the cable of this lamp runs from the onyx base through the see-through resin center, resulting in a next-level Edison bulb.
The Entry Catchall

Pearl medium marbled-resin dish, Dinosaur Designs, $75

This silky-smooth dish, hand-poured in Dinosaur Designs’s Sydney studio, is a handy spot to store house keys.
The Tablescape Upgrade

Black & White Napkin Ring, Von Gern Home ($16)

While wood might not seem like the most obvious companion, the natural surface plays nicely with graphic resin designs. Plus, it helps that they’re both easy to take care of (these napkin rings can be wiped down with a damp cloth). 
The Crystal Alternative

Pedestal Water Goblet, Tina Frey Designs ($70)

Forget fine china and fancy glasses—deck out the kitchen cupboards with Tina Frey’s BPA-free cups instead. Each piece is hand-cast, so no two items are exactly the same. 
The Eye-Catching Side Table

4 Way Shift Box, Facture, inquire for price

By suspending layers of color over form, Facture Studio manipulates light, color, and depth to turn its furniture into optical illusions.
The Sturdy Hooks

Swirl Large Cone Hook, Tom Dixon ($120)

Swirl Medium Dumbell Hook, Tom Dixon ($100)

While these swirly fixtures are meant to resemble 3-D marbled paper, they’re made from powdered residue from the marble industry mixed with pigment and resin, so they’re as heavy as stone. In other words, you can pile up the coats in the front hall. 
The Quirky-Cool Clock

Watch Me Clock by Gaetano Pesce, Coming Soon ($300)

This piece by Italian architect Gaetano Pesce looks fragile and complicated to hang, but all you need is a single nail to put it up on the wall (there’s a predrilled hole at the top). Your space will feel fresh in a flash.

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