The Shave Well Company’s Anti-Fog Shaving Mirror


My preferred place to shave is in the shower, when I’ve already got hot water available — even if I’m turning the shower off between shampooing/body-washing/etc — and can easily rinse both my face and the razor afterward. This also keeps me from dripping water all around the bathroom sink, which always seems to happen no matter what I do.

The one disadvantage though? Not having a mirror to see what I’m doing.

Well, not so with the Shave Well fogless shower mirror. Instead of attaching to the wall with terrible suction cups, it hangs on a hook that adheres with two-way tape. You just take the mirror off the hook and run it under the water a few seconds to warm it up, which keeps it fog-free for a while. If you happen to like brushing your teeth in the shower too, then all the better.

Hang it back up or hold it in your hand while you shave — either way works. It measures 4″ x 6″, so it’s easy to hold or even take with you while traveling. It’s convenient to use and reasonably priced. What more can you ask?

You can get a single mirror for $10 or a two-pack for $18.

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