The Best Types Of Floral Decorations To Craft This Season

It’s hard not to be distracted by all the beautiful colors and all the nice smells, the bird’s chirping in the trees and the rejuvenating atmosphere that’s all around us every spring. All of these elements are very inspiring and you might have already found a bunch of cool ideas for some projects you can do around the house. We’re happy to add more to your list and today it’s all about flowers. These are some of the best floral decoration ideas that we could think of for the occasion.

Flowers and wreaths go hand in hand and not only during spring which is all about rejuvenation and greenery and all that stuff. Paper flowers look beautiful no matter the season and you can use a few to make a lovely wreath which you can display on a door, a wall or just casually hang somewhere. Isn’t this crepe paper wreath simply adorable?

Faux flowers, whether you buy them or craft them yourself, come in all colors imaginable and that gives you the opportunity to include them in various themed designs and projects. For example, a combination of red, white and blue flowers could be used to create a 4th of July table decor like no other.

Flowers are also super versatile and can be used for a lot more than just wreaths and table centerpieces. You can also use some to make a beautiful floral wall hanging decoration. In this case the strands of flowers are hanging from a branch which adds a cool little twist to the whole design.

You can also combine flowers with other types of decorations and create something really original. For example, make a floral letter and display it on a wall as a way to customize your home or a particular area of the house. You can make the letter out of cardboard in any size you want and then glue a bunch of flowers on it until the whole surface is decorated. You can find more details on thestonybrookhouse if required.

This looks like just another floral wreath but there are actually no flowers involved in this design. Those colorful ornaments are pine cones. They’re been trimmed and painted and made to look like flowers. That’s such a creative and ingenious way of using pine cones and this is a very inspiring project. You can find out more about it on hearthandvine.

We should also talk a bit about some of the more obvious ways in which you can use flowers such as to make a table centerpiece. This is a really nice floral arrangement with a bunch of white carnations, pink roses, peonies and faux boxwood plants that look amazing when put together. We love the subdued color tones and the overall bohemian look of this entire arrangement. Check out allthingswithpurpose to find out more about it.

There’s rarely ever need for any special supplies when decorating with flowers. You can make lots of cool and beautiful things using only whatever you can find around the house. This right here is a nice wall decor piece crafted using a piece of wood (perhaps you can repurpose a small cutting board), a glass jar, a hook, some twine and a bunch of faux flowers. Painting the wooden board adds a nice touch to the design so perhaps you’d like to do that too. More details about this project can be found on diyvibes.

Floral wreaths are very popular and very versatile and for good reason. There’s an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to designing and decorating wreaths so you can be sure you can create something original quite easily. We love how the branches and the greenery flow in this design and also how the white flowers are clustered at the top, gently going over the burlap bow. If you want to check out the instructions and find out how you can make something similar, check out diyncrafts.

You can craft a floral wreath that matches the current season and then easily adjust it or replace it when it starts to look out of place. If you plant on making a spring wreath, use vibrant colors or play with pastels and cherry blossoms. A fall wreath could be made to look a bit more dry, similar to this one which was featured on poppytalk. There are lots of other designs you can play with so be creative.

It’s not just wreaths and regular centerpieces that look amazing when decorated with flowers. There are plenty of special projects that you can try as well, like this magnificent floral menorah featured on thehousethatlarsbuilt. It’s a very elegant design and we love the golden details and all the beads at the center of each little flower.

These flower pom-poms are fun and easy to make and they can be displayed in all sorts of interesting ways or even included in bigger and more complex projects. They also look quite nice on their own and you can simply hang a couple from the ceiling or the underside of a shelf or cabinet as a way to add some color to a space. There’s a tutorial on theurbandarling that you can follow.

A cylindrical slice of styrofoam, some ribbon and a few faux roses can be used to make a lovely little centerpiece just like the one shared on smartschoolhouse. Connect all the pieces with glue and have fun customizing your design. You can make several of these little ornaments and mix and match different colors as you see fit. It could also be fun to use a few cute containers and to fill them with roses, like votives, mini buckets, bowls and so on.

Floral fabric is another great material that you can include in some of your projects. Use some to decorate a few things. There’s a nice tutorial on diys which explains how you can make your own floral tote bag. You can add a quote as shown here or come up with a different design, like a geometric pattern or something abstract for example.

For the floral project features on diys you’re going to need a round piece of wood, like a clock cutout or a repurposed cutting board. The idea is to glue a bunch of silk flowers on it and to cover the entire surface. Add a few leaves here and there and play with different colors and types of flowers to create a beautiful design. attach a piece of string or twine at the back and hang your new decorations up on a wall.

Wood embroidery hoops are great for making sleek and stylish wreaths but there are also other uses for them. A good example is the floral photo display piece featured on diys. If you want to recreate this look you’ll need the following supplies: an 8” wood embroidery hoop, some string, tape, a glue gun, faux plant leaves, an oval wood plaque (or something else to use as a base) and two pictures (to make it double-sided).

A big floral garland could potentially look beautiful as a table centerpiece. It could run along the center of the table and gently flow off the sides. You can actually use real flowers if you’re not planning on reusing the garland. It would look vibrant and would also smell nice. It’s also important for the garland to look beautiful in the context of the dining table and everything else on it. Check out diys for more inspiration.

Dried flowers are beautiful in their own way. You could use a few to make an elegant autumn-inspired centerpiece or a floral runner for the dining table. You can also include some twigs, branches, pine cones and various other items in your design. The inspiration comes from ctrlcurate so be sure to check out this design for more ideas.

If you’d like to try your hand at something a bit more intricate and detailed, perhaps you’d enjoy making some quilled paper roses and using them to decorate a wreath. You’d only need a few simple supplies for that such as some pages from an old book, a foam wreath, some burlap ribbon, craft glue, a pen and scissors. Additional details about this project can be found on diyncrafts.

This modern bough featured on jojotastic looks beautiful as well. It’s one of the many interesting floral decorations that you can display around the house and it doesn’t need to be themed in any way to look cool. This is also an interesting alternative to the more common wreath which a lot of people opt for.

Putting a few flowers in a vase isn’t really that exciting or interesting, even though it could look absolutely lovely. There are however lots of ways in which you can change the design a bit and make it less mainstream. For example, replace the vase with a pumpkin. It’s such a fun little project and a perfect one for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Fall in general. Check out sustainmycrafthabit for instructions.

This project that we found on daintydressdiaries is one of the most interesting and inspiring ones we’ve seen in a while. It shows how you can upcycle an old bike wheel and turn into an amazing decoration. Start by cleaning the wheel and then spray painting it. After that, add a few faux flowers and branches to it and decorate it as you would a wreath form.

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