The 5 Best Guitar and Bass Wall Mounts

Guitar and bass wall mounts are great for clearing up your floor space and displaying your favorite instruments. But it can be hard to know which guitar mounts are actually safe. So, we’ve rounded up the best of the best.
Wall Mounting Is Easier and Safer Than You’d Think
Wall mounting looks great and saves a ton of floor space, but some people are (understandably) squeamish about wall mounting. How do I know if I’m installing the wall mount properly? What if my guitar breaks? What if everything goes wrong and it’s all my fault?

The thing is, wall mounts are extremely easy to install, and they’re a lot safer than you’d expect. A properly installed wall mount should be able to hold up a large child (don’t test this theory), so it can definitely hold up even the heaviest of guitars or basses.

But how do you install a wall mount? If you want to take the super easy route, just find a stud in your wall and attach the mount to it (all mounts come with screws). You can find a stud with a stud finder or with your hands—just knock on the wall until you find a spot that doesn’t sound hollow.

Or, you can take the messy-but-still-easy wall anchor route. Wall anchors are the plastic doohickeys that expand like squids behind your hollow drywall to hold screws in place. They’re usually packaged with guitar wall mounts, and they’re relatively easy to install (although they’re difficult to take out of the wall).

Okay, now that you’re comfortable installing a wall mount, let’s jump right in. Here are the best guitar and bass wall mounts for every musician’s situation.
Best Overall: Ohuhu Flexible Hook 4-Pack Ohuhu
These Ohuhu wall mounts look great, they’re relatively affordable, and they’re adjustable. What more can you ask for? This is a great option for anyone who has a bunch of differently sized stringed instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, etc.), or for the people who want strong-looking hangers that won’t break the bank.

The only drawback to these Ohuhu hangers is that they lack any sort of locking mechanism (although they do have some rubber o-rings). That might be a deal breaker for people who have small kids around the house, as guitars could fall if they get slapped around enough.
Best Overall

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 4-Pack, Ohuhu Guitar Hanger Wall Hook Holder Stand for Bass Electric Acoustic Guitar Ukulele

The Ohuhu wall mounts can be adjusted for any instrument, and they feature rubber o-rings to hold your guitar or bass in place.

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