Iris Hantverk Desktop Table Dustpan and Brush Set


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to sweep up a small mess, or one located in a cramped space (like around my espresso equipment) and a full-size broom was just way too cumbersome for the job. The best you can usually do in those situations is spin the broom head off the handle, sweep up the dirt or whatnot, then spin the head back on — and at that point, you might as well have had a handheld broom on hand in the first place. (Not to mention how gross it is to use a floor broom for countertop purposes.)

Well, this little dustpan and brush set from Iris Hantverk is certainly a nice option if you’re in the market for such a thing. The brush handle and dustpan are made from oiled beech wood — with the former nestling comfortably into the latter when not in use — while the soft horsehair bristles are individually handbound, lending a kind of old-world appearance that still fits in nicely with modern aesthetics. They’re quite gentle on any surface, too.

The broom is small enough that it stays out of the way until you need it, and can even be hung on a small hook on the wall or the side of your fridge for maximum convenience.

Get the set for $36 on Amazon.

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