How To Spring Clean Your House + Home Decor Ideas

With spring finally here, it’s time to transform your space and give your home a new life. Whether you choose to deep clean, redesign your entire house, donate all your belongings, or simply declutter, spring cleaning comes in many forms and can be the push you need to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Go bold and replace all your furniture, or merely add home decor that better encapsulates your style.

This season, take the time to evaluate your home and aesthetic. See what can be done to make the space truly and authentically yours. What will make you feel even more comfortable and at ease? What’s something you’ve wanted to change for a while but just haven’t gotten around to? Figure out what you want to improve about your interior design, whether it’s only your bedroom or the entire house. Transform your space into something you’re proud of, and make sure your home decor ties it all together. Below, we have an outline for how to spring clean your home and clear out the cobwebs for a new season.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Entire Home

However large or small your space is, refresh and update your living area with simple cleaning measures that’ll improve the look and feel of a room. Spring is the perfect time to revamp your furniture and decor, and thoroughly spruce up a space.

Declutter Your Home

Mom and young child organizing room.

Adopt a minimal and functional modern approach by keeping only what is useful and necessary for the room to work. Throw out or donate accumulated items you don’t need. Let go of objects that have no place in your home and place others where they belong rather than leaving them wherever they were last used. This is the simplest way to spring clean while minimally changing your home or its appearance.

Start with Carpets

Once you’ve cleared your living space, it’s time to thoroughly clean the floors, especially any carpets and area rugs in your home. Start by shaking out smaller rugs, then move on to vacuuming lint out of larger rugs and carpets. Sprinkle baking soda on top and toss small doormats in the washing machine. Don’t forget to vacuum under the rug and other furniture for a thorough spring cleaning. Once you’re done here, you can move up to start cleaning grime off the baseboards.

Organize and Simplify Your Home

For a different minimalist approach, focus only on the items you truly love. Using this approach, organize by category rather than by room and commit to only holding on to things that serve a purpose in your life. Although this method is not easy, it’s a great way to rid yourself of clutter and belongings that have no value.

Clean Surfaces

Embrace the actual cleaning aspect of spring cleaning and spend time scrubbing your kitchen cabinets and countertops; dusting your bookshelves and coffee table with a microfiber cloth; and getting mildew out of bathroom crevices to sanitize. For a deeper clean, cleanse surfaces like your ceiling fan and any light fixtures, and wash items like upholstery and drapes that have likely never been truly cleaned. Clearing the dust will make your space feel much fresher. Take it a step further by mixing hot water and white vinegar together to help cut through build up and act as a disinfectant on surfaces, like shelving.

Get Rid of Old Home Decor

Old decor.

Evaluate your home decor: does it match your personal style and the design of your home? Do you have all rustic home decor in a contemporary home? Or all modern home decor among bohemian walls and furniture? Perhaps a few of the pieces can work, but two styles may easily clash and diminish the appearance of your space. Make sure your decor works with the design, and don’t be afraid to get rid of old decor that doesn’t make you happy anymore.

Let the Fresh Air In

Lastly, when all the dust has been removed and all the old clutter is gone, open the windows and let the crisp outside airflow into your home. Don’t let your space stay shut off and stuffy, open it up to the world so you can enjoy nature and fresh air in your home. Pair with an essential oil diffuser to boost freshness even more.

DIY Home Decor Ideas

For spring cleaning on a budget, sometimes it’s best to go with DIY home decor and furniture. Get creative with handmade crafts and design changes you can implement yourself and quickly spruce up your home.

Recycle and Repurpose

Start by giving old items a new life by repurposing them when they’ve become useless in their original form. This cheap, yet functional and eco-friendly approach means you don’t have to outright throw everything away, but can upgrade used furniture into something new and stylish. For example, you can turn almost anything into a coffee table or side table—log slices, old bookcases and cabinets, old trunks, wooden crates, and more. Add a coat of paint or varnish, and you instantly have chic new furnishings.

Personalized Art Prints

Gallery wall of framed prints.

Fill your newly bare walls with your own art rather than purchasing it. Either paint something beautiful, or use family or landscape photos that you have taken. Creating something of your own will also make your decor more personalized and special, rather than buying someone else’s art or photos. Hang framed art prints on the wall for home decor that looks professional.

Thrifting + Second Hand Furniture

Now that you’ve spring cleaned and thrown away all the old furniture and decor that didn’t work in your home or match your style, you need new items to create the ideal interior design. Don’t shy away from thrifting and secondhand furniture to obtain something new for less; making your home the perfect reflection of you doesn’t have to break the bank.

Paint an Accent Wall

For a bold move that will surely spice up the look of your home, paint an accent wall to stand out amidst the white walls of your living room or bedroom. Use a bright color to draw attention to that wall, or add texture for a home decor idea that brings out your creative DIY side. Make sure you choose a color or pattern that fits the overall design of the room.

Add Greenery

You can never go wrong with plants. Greenery works with every design style and gives your home a more natural, fresh look. Add plant life into your home, and make it DIY by hand-painting pots, creating planters out of old mugs and cans, and hanging plants from the walls or ceiling.

Creative Home Decor to Refresh Your Space

Now that you’ve finished spring cleaning and gotten rid of everything that doesn’t work, your home needs new items that will better reflect your personality and style. Go for personalized home accents that look classy and add to the newly organized and clean look of a room.

Custom Photo Pillows

Pink printed throw pillow on blanket.

Get a functional and decorative addition to your living room couch by personalizing a custom pillow. Paste family photos or an image of your pet on this throw pillow for a cute tribute to your loved ones, or upload a beautiful landscape photo you took on your last vacation for an artsy personalized pillow that adds to the room decor.

Canvas Prints

Add to your rustic and bohemian aesthetic with custom canvas prints that feature photos of family and friends. Or go for multi-panel canvas wall art with abstract watercolors for a more artistic look. Large canvas prints will be the focal point of a room, drawing attention to that wall and the surrounding decor and furniture.

Wall Hook Organizer

Opt for a functional, yet sweet decorative element for your entryway. Choose a classic monogram for each member of the family, or display a quote everyone loves on your personalized wall hook organizer. Select a background color that matches your walls if you want a more muted decoration, or pick a contrasting color so the wall hook organizer stands out as a useful and valuable piece of home decor.

Premium Posters

For more wall art that ties the room together and adds personality to your space, go for a matte premium poster featuring anything that’ll bring you joy in your home. Create a collage of the best photos from the last trip you took, or use an image of the outdoors that has a calming effect on you. Combine a picture of nature with plant life all around your home for an extra tranquil and natural environment.

Photo Blanket

Family with photo blankets.

Incorporate a personalized fleece blanket into your living room decor for an item that serves a purpose and adds texture to the space. Paste a photo of your beloved pet on this custom fleece blanket to show your love for them and so that they always want to curl up on it next to you. Or, customize it with a quote about home that means a lot to you.

Metal Prints

Decorate your home with sleek metal prints for wall art that adds to your minimalist or modern aesthetic. Hang a panoramic metal print or a gallery of three for a large piece that grabs attention in a room. To maintain minimalism, limit other decor and let the focus go to the wall art. Display family photos or abstract art, whatever matches your style best.

Additional Resources

This year, go beyond your usual spring clean and spend time decluttering and organizing your belongings. Take the time to evaluate your furniture and home decor, and adopt a more functionalist perspective with your possessions. Get creative with new home decor ideas and rewarding DIY home decor that matches your style and personality. Upgrade your home design with personalized home decor and custom wall art that fulfills a purpose and adds style to your space.

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