Getting Started on Your Ultimate Geek Den

Getting Started on Your Ultimate Geek Den 2

The “man cave” has become a staple of many households, featuring all of the stereotypical stuff a man could possibly want. This usually means a big sofa, pool table/gaming area, mini-fridge, sports memorabilia, and pull-down screen for projector-powered sports watching.

Now, there’s a new fad making its way across the country: the geek den. Looking more at gaming, reading, and collectibles, it’s a room designed to showcase your dedication to “geekdom.” So, here are some tips for starting up your own geek den.

Finding the right space for a geek den

Getting Started on Your Ultimate Geek Den

As with any man cave, a geek den will, more often than not, make use of a room that isn’t overly functional. Basements or converted attics are common for this, but so too are smaller rooms that would be listed as bedrooms. In any case, you’ll want a room that’s at least 8ft by 8ft, roughly. This size will be plenty to let you sit far back enough from a big screen, have some space for maneuvering, and fit at least a 50-inch TV on the wall.

Of course, if you don’t have such a spare room and currently have your potential geek den gear piled up elsewhere, it might be worth looking for somewhere with a bit more space. To check to see if this is even an option, financially speaking, you could use the free, soft check mortgage in principle Trussle offers. This service checks against 18 lenders to accurately calculate how much you can borrow. With this information, you could start the hunt for a house with a prime geek den room – as well as all of the other stuff that you need.

Installing the centerpiece gaming area

There are two ways to go with the key furniture and appliances – stand, TV, and gaming hardware – and that predominantly comes down to your gaming preferences. If you’re strictly a console gamer, you can get away with an open-air stand. Something like this will let the hardware stay cool while also offering ample space for collectibles or disc cases.

Alternatively, if you’re a PC gamer or PC-console hybrid gamer, it’d be best to go with a desk. You could still hook it up to a TV, but a desk along the lines of a gamer computer desk would be ideal as it’s built to house both the tower and consoles if needed.

After you’ve picked the right furniture for your gaming needs, it’s onto the TV. Right now, the market leader for gaming TVs has to be the LG QNED, which recently integrated the app for the streaming platform, HBO Max. For a proper geek den, though, you’ll need to get a SCART to HDMI converter as the newer TVs don’t have SCART ports, and you need them for your retro consoles.

Pure geek all over the walls

Getting Started on Your Ultimate Geek Den 1

For wall decorations, you could go with wallpaper, but why do that when you could have at last one whole wall of comics? There are a couple of ways to go about this, or you could mix up the methods. The first way for hardcore collectors would be to put up a load of comic mounts or framed comics to cover the whole wall. On the other hand, pasting duplicates or less-wanted comic pages all over a wall can be a novel way to go. The latter method could then be enhanced by hanging up your favorites over the top.

With the right space, unit, TV, and wall design, you have the core makings of a super geek den. From there, it’s up to you what kind of chair, shelves, or units for collectibles, and other bits of décor to go with.