Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas

Are you freshening up your home for the season? With the forced seclusion, many of us are turning our attention to our homes. And I think that's a great thing - living in a beautiful, cared for home is one way to stay positive and happy. Putting away all of the heavy winter bedding and accessories and replacing them with bright, spring things reminds me that life does go on... winter does end, this virus will be contained, and we will get back to "normal".

I'm happy to be joining on the Seasonal Simplicity Spring Home Tour series, hosted by Krista at The Happy Housie. It's happening all this week with 25 bloggers opening their homes and sharing ideas for spring decorating.

Today, I'm sharing spring updates I've made in our living room, master bedroom, and guest room. You might notice I'm taking a new approach to decorating: there's fewer obvious spring accessories and more timeless seasonal decor. Less of a spring theme and more of a fresh, spring feeling

Everything you'll see in these photos is something I already owned. I really have a dislike these days for unnecessary spending and I think, as we head into a probable recession, it's a mindset many of us will adopt. Do you feel the same way too?

So, I hope you enjoy these budget-friendly easy ways to update your home for spring and be inspired to decorate for spring with what you have. Be sure to visit the rest of the tours at the end of this post.

Let's start in the guest bedroom. We just renovated this bedroom a few months ago so it doesn't look drastically different. Mostly, I've lightened up the accessories and cleared the surfaces for a sense of space and breathing room.

Use Your Fashion Items As Decor

What's your wardrobe look like? Do you have pretty spring dresses in colourful florals or textural linens? Or hats and bags with great shapes? Why not use those items as decor? Hanging a dress on a hook can bring a fun hit of colour and personality to a space.

Woven items are especially trendy. You can use your straw hats and woven market bags to liven up your walls, like I've done here. I really love this vignette; I've paired my straw bag with a classic stripe throw for a look that says warmer days are coming.

Clear Surfaces and Tabletops

One surprising way to make a space feel fresh and new? Clear surfaces! Put away unnecessary items and clutter and leave your vertical surfaces clean. This desk was piled with books and accessories but I've kept it minimal for spring with just the botanical prints, topiaries, and marble box. Not only does it look neater, but it draws attention to each individual item. Now, I notice things I might have missed before.

I seldom move my big pieces of furniture from room to room but moving smaller accent pieces and accessories can change the feel of a space instantly. This storage bench had been sitting in Chloe's bedroom taking up valuable floor space so I've moved it to the foot of the bed in the guest bedroom. It's sized just right and it provides a handy perch to sit and or lay out your outfit.

Change Your Bedding and Textiles

Though days are still chilly here, I've switched out the textiles and bedding for less heavy blankets and throws. I've introduced brighter colours and patterns as well, with greens taking centre stage. Green signifies spring, growth, optimism and I think I could use more of that these days. This gorgeous floral lumbar pillow is the perfect way to top the bed.

Speaking of florals, flowers and plants are a wonderful way to bring a spring feeling to your home. I've added this beautiful and wispy maidenhair fern to the bedside table. It's so pretty but I've heard that this is a fussy plant so I'm not optimistic I can keep it alive.

You'll find more flowers, these ones of the faux variety, in our living room. The spring wreath basket on the wall is complemented by other faux arrangements and a vintage floral painting, one of my best thrifted finds ever.

I've added florals, paisley, and dainty stripe pillows to the the sofa as well. These soft blue, cream, and pink colours feel just right for spring. The mix of patterns keeps things neutral but interesting.

I've kept the mantel simple and pretty. A few accessories at each end provide a sense of symmetry while keep things open and spare. I'm drawn to this particular palette these days: the cream, soft grey walls, taupe, and blush pink feel fresh and feminine.

That's not to say everything needs to be clean and minimal. At the front window, I've corralled all my plants where they can get the best sunlight. They're already sprouting new leaves so fingers crossed they'll do well. Behind the swivel chair, I've placed my faux palm tree. It fills in that corner and brings some lushness to the room.

Our bedroom is feeling nice and bright for spring too. I spotted these one-of-a-kind pillows made from vintage fabrics and just had to have them. They add vibrant colour to our otherwise neutral bedroom. I debated putting more pillows on the bed - large Euro shams, a bolster pillow - but as with most things, I'm feeling less is more these days.

There's one more sweet accessory I've brought into the room. Chloe made this watercolour of her and her dad from a photo I took of them. She's becoming quite the artist and I love having this memento of their relationship.

I hope you've enjoyed my spring house tour! This week I'm joined by some of my talented blogging friends who are also sharing their Spring Home Tours with you. Be sure to see what they are sharing by clinking the links below the images.


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