Blue and White Beach Bedroom Makeover

Looking for ideas to decorate a blue and white beach bedroom? Here’s one of my favorite before and after rooms decorated for summer.

Do you remember this bedroom from last year?

This is where it started.

Before it was painted navy blue.

Before it had its own DIY headboard.

Before it was completely decorated from head to toe.

This is the room I have stayed in my whole life. When I was little I used to sleep on bunk beds in here and read Nancy Drew books. When I was a new mom, my kids would stay in here in a pack-n-play. I’ve spent more vacations in this room than all the seasons of Downton Abbey combined.

I came back to the beach this year to tell it hello and when I walked into the room, I realized something. It was even cuter than I even remembered. Has that ever happened to you? You’ve been away from a place that you love for a while and when you walk back into the space you look at it with fresh eyes.

And fall in love all over again.

So today in case you missed it or in case you don’t remember what it looked like from last year or in case you have a room that you want to decorate with beach-themed blue and white?

Here’s one of my favorite room before and afters ever in the history of ever.

Let’s start with all the before pictures.

I tried to take 360-degree photos of the room so you could get an idea of how small it is.

Here are a few pertinent facts about the space:

  1. It’s super tiny.
  2. You can basically fit a queen bed and a dresser in the alcove and some side tables and that’s it.
  3. There’s a closet on the one wall by the dresser alcove.
  4. There are painted plywood floors under the striped area rug.
  5. There’s not an overhead light, but there is a light over the dresser from 1960 that my grandmother added and I will love forever because of her.
  6. There are slate floors in the hallway, so the room needed to be a little more neutral to match.
  7. It faces the ocean and when you look out the window you can see the waves and hear them, too. So basically 1-6 are almost irrelevant. 🙂


That was a lot of information.

A lot of build up.

A lot of making you wait.




To see the space.

Here’s the before one more time.

And here (from the same angle) is the new blue and white beach bedroom.


I wish you were here with me right now so I could tell you with my voice how MUCH I LOVE IT.

But I only have these laptop keys and these words to try to explain.

Seriously Y’ALL.

It makes me so happy just to look at this picture and know this room will be waiting for me next year.

And here’s the before of the little alcove across from the bed.

And here’s the after.

I added this peel and stick wallpaper I showed on “What I Bought Wednesday.”

You can actually see the video of the wallpaper and what the pillows in the room look like here.

The entire roll was under $20 and it finished this wall and the closet.

Also–I bought everything for the room off of Amazon because I didn’t have a lot of time to source things. Everything for this room is linked on my Amazon shop here under the section “Beach House Decor.”

The most amazing thing about the space?

My husband built this wall and we painted it Naval SW 6244 from Sherwin-Williams.

To save space in the room, the headboard is built in now and bookcases are built on either side.

(Total aside: Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale is right there at the top.)

You can also see the striped beach towels (similar) and this pom pom cover-up that I love here.

blue and white beach bedroom built in headboard

We have an entire video on  the blue and white beach bedroom and how we built the wall with the headboard and the bookcases coming this week.

It is SUCH a space saver.

If you look at the original before picture you can see we had a wall we built years ago, but it didn’t really have a purpose. Now? The wall is intentional and it adds so much to the space and helps a tiny room to live large.

blue and white beach bedroom wallpaper

blue and white beach bedroom bedding

blue and white beach bedroom headboard

blue and white beach bedroom pillow

blue and white beach bedroom sailboat

blue and white beach bedroom tassel

blue and white beach bedroom navy

blue and white beach bedroom hydrangea

Here are just a few more details about the blue and white beach bedroom:

  1. We added the cleat hook rack on the side behind the door to hang towels and beach bags and beach essentials.
  2. The room is painted Naval SW 6244 from Sherwin-Williams.
  3. There are two bookcases on the sides of the bed (details in the video to come).
  4. You can find the starfish pillows here.
  5. We left the white curtains at the window (you can see similar curtains here) and took down the blue and white curtains.
  6. You can find the striped Euro shams here (the set of two was under $16) and the 24″ x 24″ inserts here.
  7. The navy and white hotel bedding is SO PRETTY  and SO AFFORDABLE (under $40 for the entire set). You can see it here.
  8. I bought this down alternative insert (because we are at the beach) for the duvet cover and these sheets are AMAZING (over 250,000 reviews).
  9. The bed skirt is so cute and it’s pleated and affordable.
  10. And last but definitely not least is this rug. You can see it here. It’s so pretty and so soft and so durable. Perfect for a beach house or high-traffic area. It’s an 8′ x 10′ and fits the space perfectly.
  11. Everything is linked in my Amazon shop. You can see it all here and you also follow me over there for tons more home ideas like these.

blue and white beach bedroom before

One more time just because it makes me so happy.

Here’s the before.

blue and white beach bedroom


Little room I love you.


From the bottom of my heart.

I left a little piece of me there.

Just know I’ll be back to get it next year. 🙂

  1. the 24″ x 24″ sham inserts
  2. the nautical captain’s wheel
  3. the navy and white hotel bedding
  4. this navy and white beach sign
  5. these starfish pillows (so affordable)
  6. down alternative duvet insert
  7. white curtains
  8. these sheets are AMAZING (over 250,000 reviews)
  9. the 8 x 10 natural fiber rug
  10. this pleated bed skirt
  11. this navy and white nautical artwork
  12. the striped Euro shams

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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