Best Indoor Fly Traps For Cleaner, Healthier Spaces

There’s nothing quite annoying as a stubborn, relentless little insect-thing, doing its noisy rounds inside your home. When it is just one, you have a chance of squashing it and getting rid of the nuisance at least, but when they swarm in with their little compadres’ like they own the place, it becomes personal. For this, you’ll need to bring out the big guns – the indoor flytrap.

Flytraps are the easiest way to get rid of flies. In fact, your biggest struggle would only be in finding the right spot to set them up. Once set in place, the traps use the power of their heavy odors (which flies find irresistible for some reason), and a fly-catching mechanism, like sticky glue or a tented lid to keep the insects’ in. Once full, you simply toss out the contents and activate another. 

Nowadays, fly traps come in attractive designs, which look good in your indoor space while doing their job. For the best experience, you will need the right trapper with the best ingredients, features and design. You can find this in our top selection of the best indoor fly traps on the market today.

Top 10 Indoor Fly Traps Of 2020 Reviewed

1. RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap

Best Indoor Fly Trap For The Budget

The price tag is the highlight of this product because it is the cheaper option for budget-conscious users especially if you find discounted or markdown offers on the Internet such as Amazon. The trap features an attractant with all-natural ingredients, thus, you are 100% sure that it has no hazardous chemical agents.

Trapping and exterminating flies using this flytrap are possible through two chambers, either drowning the insect in the top chamber of the bait or sealing it in the bottom chamber, causing the fly to dehydrate and die eventually.

RESCUE! Disposable Fly Trap


  • Safe and all-natural bait
  • Works in catching all types of flies
  • One use could exterminate up to 20,000 flies


  • May only attract flies and not kill them in some climates
  • Not a reusable bait
  • May have a pungent and strong odor

2. Raid Fly Ribbon & Window Fly Trap Bundle

Best Ribbon & Window Fly Trap

When it comes to getting rid of house flies, moths, and gnats, having a chemical-free trap is the way to go. You don’t want to expose yourself to harmful chemicals simply because you want your home to be free of flies and other insects. The Raid Fly Ribbon is meant for sticking on a window so that when insects land on it, they will be trapped onto the sticky surface. This is the best ribbon & window fly trap, given that it is 100 percent chemical-free. Besides, the flytraps are unscented and want to bring unpleasant odors to your house.

Now that it has no chemicals, how does it trap flies and other insects? It makes use of a food-based attractant, which is virtually irresistible to flies. Thus, they can be used in outdoor areas when food is prepared – especially picnics and yard parties. However, you should take the precaution of keeping these fly traps in areas where kids cannot access it.

Raid Fly Ribbon & Window Fly Trap Bundle


  • A chemical-free fly trap
  • Capable of catching all kinds of flying insects
  • Comes free of any scent


  • The traps aren’t reusable
  • Not suitable for use in places with children
  • You have to keep removing dead flies to reuse

3. Victor M530 Fly Trap Magnet

Best Indoor Fly Trap With Magnetic Design

This poison-free magnetic flytrap eliminates all types of flies from house flies to bottle flies and barn flies, among many others. It has a patented bait formula with potent ingredients, making it more effective in luring in and trapping flies to their extermination. The snap-on top design ensures easy and clean disposal with easy to use hanging mechanism.

The flexible use of the trap and bait makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor purposes while its unique and decorative look could make it an additional backyard accessory as it hangs away from busy areas. It can also work on larger and wider spaces while you could use it for a long time.

Victor M530 Fly Trap Magnet


  • Easy to dispose of the flytrap
  • Potent and effective ingredients
  • Easy to hang and use


  • Issues with the brittle string of the refilling bag

4. Safer Brand M380 Fly Magnet

Best Indoor Fly Trap For Reusable Purposes

There are a lot of things to love about this reusable flytrap, which makes it a great option if you are looking for something that you could use repeatedly for a long time. It attracts flies with the use of the specially formulated bait through the diamond lid design where the fly could not escape once it is trapped inside.

It boasts of its nontoxic ingredients, making it safe to both pets and humans alike but with the efficiency that is worth your money. The safe and nontoxic trap contains food-grade dehydrated products in order to lure the fly in.

Safer Brand M380 Fly Magnet


  • Reusable and practical bait
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • An effective baited system to lure and trap flies


  • The unpleasant and extremely potent smell
  • High maintenance as you need to dispose of dead flies before reusing

5. Faicuk Wall Sconce Fly Light (WS108 Wood Grain)

Best Fly Light Trap

The Faicuk Wall Sconce Fly Light works by luring flies and other insects and then trapping them on special boards with glue. In the process, the insects die without making unnecessary pesky noise. It has a Philips bulb, which produces UV light. When the light hits the inner reflective coating, it is reflected and enhanced to attract flies and other insects. The enhanced light ensures that the trap is capable of covering an area of up to 900 square feet. It also ensures that the trap is able to perform better at night.

This fly trap is 100 percent chemical-free. It contains no pesticides and has a neutral smell. That makes it suitable for use in schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and kitchens. Even as it traps flies, this product will act as an attractive decoration wherever you choose to place it. The light it produces is so soft that everyone who comes into your home will find it to be attractive. It comes with a 24-month warranty to ensure you do not lose money when it stops working.

Faicuk Wall Sconce


  • A chemical-free fly trap
  • The light can also act as a wall decoration
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty


  • It might be too expensive for some
  • Some flies may still get attracted to the windows
  • Difficulty finding sticky pads to replace the original ones

6. Flies Be Gone Nontoxic Fly Trap

Best Indoor Fly Trap With All-Natural Ingredients

The all-natural, nontoxic properties of this flytrap are what makes it a good choice for your fly extermination project. The manufacturer originally intends it for outdoor purposes but it has flexible features that make it a good indoor trap with efficient solutions as well. It contains nontoxic and pesticide free ingredients so that your family and pets are all safe.

On top of the all-natural food components that lure the fly to the trap, this device is also easy to use as you only need to add water and position the trap in your chosen area of the house. The bait remains active throughout the day and could even last for up to 30 days. You also enjoy clean and easy disposal because you can simply throw it away and replace a new one.

Flies Be Gone Nontoxic Fly Trap


  • Safe and nontoxic natural ingredients
  • Flexible to use with reusable hanging straps
  • Attracts and traps thousands of flies


  • The content is extremely pungent and smelly

7. Trappify Fly Glue Trappers

Best Indoor Fly Trap For Busy People

Your busy schedule should not be a reason why you cannot get rid of those nasty and relentless flies because this fly glue trapper could do the job for you. All you have to do is peel off the trap, which comes in the stack, place it in a houseplant, the kitchen or any other corners of the house and watch it work.

The pest control trapper has dual sided sticky sides, which is the best solution to trap flies and other insects including mosquitoes, aphid, and leafminer. It offers easy to use because you can easily use the bendable green hook, hang the traps, leave them where you need them to be, and dispose of once they served their purpose.

Trappify Fly Glue Trappers


  • Organic and safe yet effective ingredients
  • Use and go placement for easy use
  • Affordable package of 25 butterfly glue traps


  • Insects stuck to the trapper but not baited
  • May not attract fruit flies or gnats

8. Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap

Best Indoor Fly Trap On Top Of The Price Scale

This is the best choice for your fly trapping quest if you have extra cash to spare because the gold stick fly trap requires you to cash out additional money for one trapper. On top of being the best in the costlier price scale, the Catchmaster flytrap contains natural attractants in order to lure those pesky flies particularly the cherry scent on its reflective surface.

The gold stick targets flies and other pests that could be lurking within your home specifically hard to reach nooks and crannies. It has a unique and sophisticated aesthetic with its unique design and the space-saving size allows you to place the trapper in small spaces indoors as well as the barn, garage, warehouse, shed, stable, and other areas.

Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Trap


  • Flexible horizontal and vertical hanging placement
  • Sweet yet effective attractant scent
  • Nice and decorative design


  • Too expensive for tight budget
  • Needs replacement after a few uses

9. Trapro Yellow Sticky Traps

Best Indoor Fly Trap For Flexible Use

Common flies are the usual pests that you are dealing with in your home but other vermin could be insects that you should be worried about as well. The good news is that this fly trapper by Trapro is more than your ordinary flytrap because it is effective for other pests too. It could lure and trap insects such as whiteflies, fungus gnats, leafminers, and aphids, among others.

The sticky surface is dual sided so that you can simply hang it and get the most out of your fly trapper for a long time. On top of its practical feature, the fly trapper is great for multiple uses because one pack could have 20 pieces of super sticky pads.

Trapro Yellow Sticky Traps


  • Sticky and effective lure and trap mechanism
  • Dual-sided design for practical use
  • Easy to hang and use


  • It may not be effective for mosquitoes and bigger bugs

10. Gardner Fly Web Fly Trap

Best Indoor Fly Trap For Small Spaces

Small spaces with nasty flies are the most horrible places you could ever imagine and this flytrap is the best option you could have in this category. The device uses the “glue boards” system with cool blue light, which you could easily place in small nooks and crannies inside the house.

The light lures the flies to the board, which keeps them there with no chances of escape until their life cycle is completed. One of the top features of this flytrap is that the glue board is easy to replace with fresh ones, which is a luxury, especially for busy people.

Gardner Fly Web Fly Trap


  • Odorless and organic
  • Ideal for small indoor spaces
  • Offers calming blue light ambiance


  • Overpriced and expensive
  • Flies take days to die
  • Light could not attract all types of flies

How To Choose Best Indoor Fly Traps: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Getting rid of flies or any other rodents inside your home is nasty and challenging business especially if you are dealing with a lot of these relentless insects. You primarily need the best indoor fly traps if you want to make sure that your home is free from fly invasion once more. However, narrowing down your choices, making a selection, and finally purchasing the best bait for flies is an extremely daunting task.

What exactly are the things you need to look for in order to make an informed decision for your flytrap investment or upgrade? Here are some of the features that you should consider:

Trapping Design/Mechanism

The design and concept of the fly trapper are quite basic, which is to lure flies and make sure that they do not escape the device until the end of their life cycle. It is important to choose a design or trap mechanism that lures flies effectively and keeps the insects inside until they die. You can choose a sticky pad or glue board while others have electronic features and attractants.

Safety Feature

One of the most important things you need to consider in choosing a good flytrap is the safety aspect because some trappers may contain hazardous chemicals or pesticides. Read the contents or ingredients of the product to see if they have all-natural contents that could be safe for humans and animals as well.


Fly trappers for indoor purposes are not created equal because they have different contents and ingredients, to begin with. Make sure that the ingredients or contents of the flytrap are natural and organic but they should be strong or potent enough to get effective result. However, you should also choose a product that does not emit a pungent and stinky smell, which could be unhealthy or distractive to those inside the house.


Check your budget before you choose the best indoor fly trap because some may be affordable but others are not at all. The best way to get an affordable offer is to search for cheaper options online because some Internet-based sellers may offer discounted or markdown prices as well as cheap packages with multiple trappers in one. Make sure that you do not sacrifice quality for economical options because that would make a poor investment after all.

Ease of Use

It is best to choose a product that is convenient to use with fast and effective placement especially if you are too busy for this daunting yet important chore. Some fly trappers could be too complicated to assemble and use but others would only require you to peel the pad or package, hang, and go.


Disposing of the fly trapper is an important part of using this device but this should not take too much of your time nor be a messy business. Thus, choose products that are easy and fast to dispose of or reusable trappers that do not require regular or frequent cleaning and maintenance that would consume much of your time.

Final Words

Making a good investment on the best indoor fly trap is a lucrative and wise move for homeowners, whether you have a large or small space to deal with, in the first place. Fly trappers differ in terms of design, trapping mechanism, ingredients or contents, pricing, and disposal features.

Doing pre-purchase research is the first step in making that wise investment and informed decision and you can start it with this comprehensive review. You can compare the different products in our list and you would instantly see the different features that each fly trapper has to offer.

Choose the best indoor fly trap according to your preferences, budget, and other salient factors that you should consider. Get rid of those pesky and stubborn flies right now because you absolutely deserve an insect-free, clean, and healthy home today!

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