7 Ways To Decorate With Mirrors

Looking for creative ways to decorate with mirrors? One of the easiest ways to add light and bright to any space is with a mirror. Here are some clever mirror decorating ideas.

When you write a decorating blog sometimes it’s all about talking about decorating and showing what you know and discussing how to pick out paint colors for your entire house and what you learned from a pair of parrot earrings.

And then?


It’s about learning things that you never really knew or thought about or planned or understood.

It’s all about me…

….learning from you.


In the seven years, I have written this blog you have taught me so much. You’ve taught me there is a secret zipper underneath the couch cushions and that sometimes you need a pop of color in the middle of a sea of white and gray and that every room should have an antique piece and that every room should have a little bit of black somewhere to ground the space.

And that mirrors are your friend.

You are so right my wonderful, creative, amazing, helpful friends.

Here’s why every room needs a mirror (and some of the cutest mirrors from my house).

ways to decorate with mirrors wall mirror

Before we talk about decorating with mirrors? Why should you even use mirrors in your space?


I love my mirrors just like I love my lipstick.

Extra sassy with a little bit of a statement just like this stopwatch gold mirror.

You can see it here.

It’s called a stopwatch mirror because of the hook and loop at the top. The bottom part of the mirror is 30″x 30″ and the part at the top adds an additional 2″ at the top.

But more importantly than how much I loved it.

More importantly than how pretty it is.

Is that it REFLECTS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. Isn’t that amazing? See that artwork? See those curtains? See the bookcases? It’s like this mirror doubles the visual space in the room.

And that?

That’s reason number one to decorate with a mirror.

ways to decorate with mirrors books and sphere

Reason #1: it reflects and adds life to a room

And totally keeping it real here? I learned this from a reader. Seriously. She made me re-think my spaces. She e-mailed me about my house tour with ideas and suggestions sprinkled in with compliments and exclamation points.

She told me how pretty the tour was.

She told me how she loves farmhouse decor.

She told me that using pumpkins to decorate a hutch was brilliant.

But had I ever thought about using more mirrors when I decorate?

She was right.

Mirrors are one of the most versatile decorative items that you can use in your home. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used to add both style and functionality to a space. When placed strategically, mirrors can help to reflect light, brighten a room, and create the illusion of more space. Mirrors are the perfect way to give any room a little extra something and keep the neighbors guessing how your rooms are so cute (and effortless).

ways to decorate with mirrors blue and white

Reason #2: It bounces light off your surfaces

Mirrors reflect.

It’s what they were born to do.

If you have a room without a lot of light? Just add a mirror that reflects a light source. For example, in this room you can see that the mirror reflects the light from the front door and redirects it all around the room.

It’s one of the best decorating secrets when it comes to adding light to a dark space.

Have you ever really stopped to think about how a mirror works? Mirrors are able to bounce light off of their surfaces because according to my tenth-grade science teacher, Mrs. Arno, light is a type of energy that travels through the air and is reflected off of objects. When light hits a mirror, it bounces off of the surface and reflects. The angle at which the light hits the mirror determines how much of the light is reflected. A flat mirror will reflect most of the light that hits it, while a curved mirror will reflect less light.

The amount of light that is reflected also depends on the type of mirror. A polished metal mirror will reflect more light than a painted wooden one because polished metal surfaces are very smooth, so they don’t scatter the light as much as rougher surfaces do.

Reason #3: It adds depth

See what this mirror does?

It introduces parts of the room together.

Hello other side of the room. It’s nice to meet you.

If this was a piece of artwork, it wouldn’t provide as much depth as a mirror reflecting other places in the room. A well-placed mirror can make a room appear larger, lighter, and more open. It can also add depth and a feeling of spaciousness. Mirrors reflect light, so they are especially useful in small rooms or in rooms with limited natural light. Placing a mirror across from a window will help to brighten the room and make it feel airier. In addition, mirrors can be used to create the illusion of depth. Hang a mirror on a wall perpendicular to a window, and it will reflect the outdoors, making the room appear twice as large.

ways to decorate with mirrors

Reason #4: It makes the room feel larger

I had a wood sign here originally in this space.

It was fine.

It was sufficient.

But it made the wall feel a little flat.

As soon as I added the mirror—that part of the room came to life. It’s amazing what a little reflection can do. Mirrors can make a room feel larger than it actually is. But how do they do it?

It all has to do with the way our brains process information. When we look at a mirror, our brains interpret the reflected image as an actual object. That means that we perceive the mirrored image as taking up space in the room. And since our brains perceive the image as an object, we also think that it’s located at a distance from us. That distance makes the room appear larger than it actually is.

It’s a mini-magic trick for a room.

And now?

Now you know why you should use them—now you need a little mirror inspiration.

Here are 7 ways to decorate with mirrors.

7 ways to decorate with mirrors

1. Add vintage mirrors to a wall

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate with mirrors. This is a mirror my mother gave to me that used to hang in the house, but you can find mirrors like this at thrift stores and yard sales or even make your own.

Now it’s by the back door.

You can’t really see out of it, but that doesn’t matter—the light still reflects and adds interest to this wall.

ways to decorate with mirrors
2. Decorate around the mirror

On this wall, I added a mirror with arrows on either side.

I LOVE this gold mirror. It comes in tons of options and sizes and it’s just so pretty and classic and works with any decor.

You can see the mirror here.

If you are looking for ways to decorate with mirrors to make them stand out, don’t leave them hanging (so sorry I couldn’t resist). You can add other mirrors around your mirror, or add a whimsical piece on the wall like wooden arrows.

You can see how we made the arrows here.

3. Add a mirror to a tabletop

Even adding a mirror to a tabletop or dresser or vanity or even the top of a bookcase can make so much difference.

I have these types of mirrors scattered all over the house.

You can see a similar tabletop mirror here.

4. Create a wall of mirrors

You know how much I love a wall of mirrors.

I’m still collecting them.

We added these mirrors to the staircase several years ago and it made such a difference.

Here are several mirrors that would work well on a wall like this:

5. Remove the top off of a vanity

This section is called get creative with mirrors that you find.

We took the top off a vanity and simply hung the mirror on the wall.

I didn’t even remove the mirror surround. I just left in in place and added it to the wall.

If you find a vanity at a yard sale that’s damaged? Sometimes you can save the mirror and repurpose it like this.

6. Add wood beads around a mirror

I just finished this project in the bedroom and it made such a difference.

This is a large oversized mirror that I painted and added wood bead trim to.

You can see the entire DIY here.

7. Add rub ‘n buff to a mirror

One last mirror tip.

If you find a mirror you like and it’s not the right color or sheen? Use Rub ‘n Buff to change it up.

My favorite Rub ‘n Buff is Antique Gold.

You can see it here.

I actually bought these mirrors at Hobby Lobby and they were silver. I used a tiny bit of Rub ‘N Buff to make them gold.

If you are looking for mirrors similar to these that are already gold, here are some great options.

And one more of my favorite ways to decorate with mirrors from the way back machine.

Here’s how I used compacts to make this mirror.

The moral of this mirror tale?

Mirrors are amazing. They are all unique and special and come in different sizes and shapes and materials.

But together?

They all have one thing in common.

They make the space they live in a little brighter.

Thank you for teaching me.

Thank you for making my rooms better.

Thank you for encouraging and helping and suggesting and laughing.

And for making all of my days….

…a little brighter.

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