51 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Reinvigorate Blank Spaces

Are you looking for the perfect wall decor to fill in that nagging blank space where nothing else seems to fit? Or are you starting fresh with a new decorative theme, and need a place to begin? Let this post inspire you. We’ve collected smart and stylish living room wall decorations from across the web – from budget friendly selections to highly collectible accents from renowned designers. Whether your style leans glamorous, rustic, industrial, or natural, there’s something here for every decor style. Let your living room walls come to life as a canvas for your one-of-a-kind decorative style.


Metal Portrait Living Room Wall Art: For a dimensional alternative to framed prints or artwork, a metal sculpture is sure to delight. This set includes three linework figures in chic gold-finished iron for a radiant modern look. This type of artwork is especially adaptable, able to flatter any wall color.

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Small Polished Bronze Wall Decor: This geometric wall ornament is a fantastic selection if you need to fill a small space on the wall – whether you’re trying to create an eclectic arrangement, or just need something for that narrow space between windows or beside a door. This piece is made from pure bronze, meticulously handmade and hand-finished by Circle & Line studio in Austin, Texas.


Gold Metal Ginkgo Leaf Wall Decor: Delicate linework makes this ginkgo leaf wall sculpture feel fine and elegant despite its impressive size. This piece measures at 39 inches in height and 20 inches in width, sure to make a dramatic impression without overwhelming any surrounding decor.

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Global Views Gold Wall Bowls: Dimensional wall accents can make an especially bold impact even in the largest spaces. These decorative wall bowls by Global Views are constructed from brass with a warm vintage patina, a natural complement to any interior theme with traditional influences.


Starburst Metal Living Room Wall Decor: These spiked sea urchin decorations are perfect for vintage-leaning interior themes like mid-century modern, atomic age, Hollywood regency, and more. This set includes three pieces ranging in size from 6 inches in diameter to 12 inches in diameter – arrange creatively to fit any niche.

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Brass Sea Urchin Living Room Wall Decor: The metal sculptures of mid-century metalworking house Curtis Jeré are true icons of an era – and now, a favorite has been re-released in an exclusive partnership with Jonathan Adler studio. These urchin sculptures are made from antiqued brass, each one signed and dated for promised authenticity.

$129BUY IT

Black and Gold Living Room Decor Panel: Add a geometric touch to any feature wall with this large sculpture design, its surface made with textural discs in matte black and antique gold. This piece is handmade and hand-painted, measuring at 40 inches in height and 30 inches in width.


Black and Gold Living Room Wall Sculpture Set: Rich textural detailing and glamorous gold accents make these wall sculptures especially dynamic, their appearance subtly shifting as light and shadow plays across the surface.

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Round Metal Living Room Wall Sculpture: Bold strokes of black, gold, and white give this three-dimensional wall sculpture an artistic and expressive look. Use to complement interior themes like contemporary, industrial, and more.

$1880BUY IT

Nelson Sunflower Living Room Wall Clock: Originally designed in 1958, the beautiful Sunflower Clock is one of many iconic clocks produced by George Nelson Associates for Howard Miller. At 29 inches in width, this piece is ideal for feature placement on an accent wall. Choose from two finish options.

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Brass and Marble Clock Wall Decor: Crafted from solid marble with brass hardware, this elegant accent proves that even the simplest clock can be a work of art. This gorgeous design presents a minimalistic impression well-suited to any interior decor theme ranging from the most glamorous to the most down-to-earth.


Stelton Birdie Living Room Wall Clock: At first glance, this gorgeous design by Böttcher & Kayser might be perceived as a simple wall ornament – but watch a little longer, and it becomes clear that this piece is a fully functioning wall clock. Choose from three colorways to use alone or pair together.

$399BUY IT

Terracotta Living Room Wall Hanging: Discs of Talavera pottery are suspended from durable nylon string to create a dynamic wall decoration, its earthy aesthetic ideal for bohemian and industrial interior themes alike. This substantial design measures at 40 inches in height and 30 inches in width.

$428BUY IT

Leather Living Room Wall Decor Sculpture: Colorful strips of genuine leather are stretched around circular frames to create the stunning Elvira living room wall sculpture. This dimensional accent measures at 32 inches in width and 18 inches in height. Because of its 3-inch projection from the wall, it’s a fabulous piece to float above a mantle or shelf.


White Macrame Living Room Wall Hanging: Macrame wall decorations are back, and perfectly suited to breezy interior themes like coastal and boho-chic. This piece measures at 43 inches in width, large enough to center a loveseat or sofa. This piece is woven from 100% cotton rope and hangs from a stylish wooden dowel.

$138BUY IT

Rustic Jute Living Room Wall Hanging: Natural jute and hemp make this wall hanging a warm and inviting option for spaces that could benefit from a touch of nature. This accent is woven with thick tonal yarns, the composition lightly layered to create an impactful eye-catching look.

$101BUY IT

Seagrass Coastal Living Room Wall Decor: Perfect for nautical and coastal decor themes, these oversized wall plates are woven from natural seagrass for a beachy breezy appearance. Each set includes three pieces that can be arranged and layered together or apart. The smallest plate measures at 18 inches in diameter and the largest measures just over 31 inches across.

$134BUY IT

African Wall Basket Wall Decor Set: This eclectic wall basket collection makes it easy to create a flattering composition to suit any empty space. Each one is handmade by skilled artisans in Kenya using natural banana leaf and raffia palm. These authentic accents are perfect for interior themes like tropical and boho-chic.

$995BUY IT

Wicker Elephant Wall Decor for Living Room: Create an eye-catching focal point above your sofa or fireplace mantel with this exceptionally elegant elephant trophy handwoven entirely from natural rattan. The weaving process is carried out by a single artisan – each one can take up to four days to create. Clear lacquer ensures this piece will maintain its warm and inviting color for years to come.

$2498BUY IT

Oversized Modern Living Room Wall Prints: Looking for the perfect centerpiece to finish a room with high ceilings? This print set consists of a minimalist diptych framed in wood, each one measuring 35 inches in width and a dazzling 65 inches in height. Arrange side by side in a standard living room configuration or hang stacked vertically to complement a double-height living space.

$248BUY IT

Woven Textile Living Room Wall Art: If you want to emphasize warmth and texture within your living room decor theme, consider opting for woven artwork in place of traditional prints. This gorgeous abstract accent is woven from jute, then framed in oak and protected by a pane of glass.

$782BUY IT

Dan Hobday Living Room Wall Art: British artist Dan Hobday is a prolific producer of versatile, interior-ready artwork for every decor style. Block 1 is a striking black and white geometric print measuring at a bold 48 inches in height, pre-framed in black maple for easy coordination.


Living Room Gallery Wall Frame Kit: Gallery wall kits make it easy to create your own custom wall composition. These frames can be filled with family photos, collected artwork, or even unconventional selections like salvaged wallpaper or printed fabric. The options are endless. Each set includes nine matching photo frames in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Gold Living Room Gallery Wall Decor Kit: Create a neat and tidy gallery wall with this frame 9-pack in gold. Use to hold 12×12 photos or equip with your own mats to accommodate other size images. Each frame is lightweight for easy hanging.

$395BUY IT

Ronan Bouroullec Living Room Wall Print: Ronan Bouroullec is a designer best known for his iconic contemporary furniture creations, often created in partnership with his brother Erwan. This series of art prints showcases his own individual talents. Titled “Drawing 8”, this piece is printed on Fedrigoni Splendorlux paper and finished with a handmade frame.

$129BUY IT

Tufted Sunset Living Room Wall Hanging: Tufted wall hangings provide an especially warm and inviting look for intimate living room spaces. This piece features a bold round silhouette with a yellow to orange gradient like a fiery sunset. This piece measures at 42 inches in diameter to make a tremendous visual impression in any space.

$112BUY IT

Litha Canvas Wall Decor for Living Room: Litha is a beautiful canvas wall decoration by Upton, its unique composition providing a chic alternative to the standard print. This piece is made from cotton canvas and hangs suspended from a cedarwood bar, light enough to hang on a wall without a stud.


Tropical Plants Living Room Gallery Kit: Enjoy instant coordination with this pre-configured gallery wall set, each frame already filled with attractive artwork ready-to-hang. These houseplant prints are perfect for those corners of the room that might not get enough natural light to host the real deal.

$2714BUY IT

Susan Hable Floral Living Room Gallery Kit: Enjoy the expressive, whimsical art of Susan Hable with this exciting gallery wall collection by Soicher Marin. Each piece is printed on canvas and arrives framed and ready to hang. Configure any which way you desire.


Wall-Mounted Macrame Wall Holder: Why not grace your walls with some uplifting houseplants? This plant holder captures the macrame trend in playful green, shaped to hold a small planter right against the wall. This piece measures at 26 inches in length to make a bold visual impact. Invest in multiples to create a living wall.

$1050BUY IT

Beaded Leopard Wall Decor for Living Room: For collection-worthy wall art with a glamorous pop, look no further than the beaded wall art series by Jonathan Adler. Each one is crafted by master bead artists in India – it takes more than 100 hours to affix the thousands of colorful beads to each individual work of art. A gallery-quality frame finishes the composition.

$350BUY IT

Alexander Girard Blue Snake Wall Relief: The legendary Alexander Girard was renowned for his furniture, sculptural figures, textiles, and more, his work celebrated for its enduring playfulness. He created this metal wall relief for a restaurant and for his own home, now available for enjoyment anywhere.

$170BUY IT

Wire Longhorn Living Room Wall Decoration: Bend Goods introduces a chic, modern, and minimalist take on the animal trophy concept, its wire form offering a more palatable way to enjoy the majesty of the world’s most intriguing animals. Choose from five vibrant color options to suit any contemporary-leaning decor theme.


Floating Superman Bookshelf for Living Room: Transform your favorite books or comics into playful wall decor with this floating superhero bookshelf design. Mount next to a comfortable reading chair to create a cozy and convenient book nook with personality to spare.


Abstract Metal Wall Art for Living Room: This simple but effective wall sculpture is made with dozens of small metal rods, scattered and secured to create an almost weightless visual effect. This piece measures at 20 inches by 20 inches for easy placement.

$1995BUY IT

Raindrops Silver Wall Decor Sculpture: The C. Jeré studio has teamed up with Jonathan Adler to reissue a range of iconic mid-century modern wall decor designs, including the fabulous Raindrops sculpture. This piece is handcrafted and available in an antique brass or radiant chrome finish. Each sculpture is signed and dated.

$370+BUY IT

3D Metal Wall Art Bust Sculptures: Holly Lentz is an artist whose sculptures express the warmth of the human body using cold, uncompromising metal. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-welded with exceptional precision and skill.

$127BUY IT

Large Metal Living Room Wall Decor Set: This wall decor triptych is exceptionally dimensional, projecting over 3 inches from the wall. Each panel features slim metal rods adorned with angled discs, a look inspired by botanical elements with a chic contemporary twist.

$149BUY IT

Rustic Peel-And-Stick Living Room Wall Cladding: Transform any living room wall into a statement wall with these peel-and-stick cladding planks. The chocolate hazel brown colorway is ideal for modern rustic styles, but this set is available in a range of other color options to suit any rustic-leaning interior theme.


LED Living Room Wall Vines: This unique vine decoration is made with 144 tiny fairy light LEDs to shine in the twilight. The branches are highly flexible and hold their shape so you can weave the vine between artwork or pictures. Consider placing near a favorite reading chair for gentle illumination at night.


Country Mason Jar Living Room Wall Decor: Complete your cozy country cottage decor theme with this rustic take on the classic wall sconce concept. This set features a mason jar secured to a wooden plank, the jar filled with battery-powered fairy lights to cast gentle illumination right where you need it. Choose from multiple wood finish options and multiple faux flower filling options.


Country Leather Pocket Wall Decoration: This uniquely functional wall decoration features a leather pocket secured to a wooden plank with rustic brass rivets. Use to hold decorative items like preserved flowers or use for a more functional purpose like holding mail for sorting.


White Hanging Succulent Planters Wall Decor: Create your own vertical garden right in the living room with this set of three hanging planters. Equip with your favorite faux plants, fill with dried flowers, or use to pot real plants that don’t require drainage such as air plants or certain types of succulents.


Bird Hook Living Room Wall Decor: These sculptural accents look like whimsical decorations when they’re not being used, but double up as functional hooks when you need them. These accessories would be a fantastic way to decorate a living room wall next to the entryway.


Living Room Wall Chess Decoration: Do you share a home with housemates? This playful wall chess set offers beautiful decorative appeal but also serves as a fun game board you can share with family or roommates. Simply hang near the front door or other shared area, and housemates can take turns moving their pieces when passing through. A special marker indicates the last move so that nobody loses track.

$299BUY IT

Carved Wood Wall Decor for Living Room: Rich texture elevates this minimalistic wall plaque with chic, stylish appeal. This piece is made from 100% mango wood, the surface lightly carved to create a ridged pattern. Each ridge is emphasized with a bright wash of white paint.


Black and Birch Living Room Wall Decor: This abstract work of art is skillfully engraved into a panel of solid birch wood, locally sourced from Colorado Springs where the plaque was handmade. Use to complement interior themes like mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and more.

$119BUY IT

3D Wooden Living Room Wall Decor Panels: Small blocks of wood are organized and framed to create a unique work of art that abounds with rich texture, beautiful wood grain, and impressive tonality. Each frame measures at 36 inches long and 18 inches wide. Hang alone or invest in a set.

$135BUY IT

Modern Farmhouse Wall Mirror for Living Room: Mirrors are a fabulous multipurpose decoration for living rooms – their reflective surfaces able to make any space feel larger and brighter. This mirror features a wooden hexagon frame with decorative modern stripes to lend a touch of artful appeal.


Phases of the Moon Wall Mirror Set: This beautiful mirror set can be hung as close together or as far apart as you would like, making it perfect for use above a sofa or loveseat of any size. Each set includes five framed mirrors shaped like the phases of the moon.

$886BUY IT

Irregular Mirror Living Room Wall Decor: Break away from the clean lines that dominate most living rooms with this liquid-smooth abstract mirror design. The curvaceous frame is made from sturdy metal and finished in black, an ideal pop of contrast for lighter decor themes.

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