15 Best Rectangle Above Ground Pool

If youre looking for an affordable pool that easily fits in your backyard, above ground pool is your answer. Its ideal for taking a dip on a sunny day, letting kids splash in the water and might as well for pets to have some fun.

Ok, lets assume you have decided you are getting a rectangle pool for your backyard. The next thing to do is shop around. Any sane person would be overwhelmed by the variety. No worries, help has arrived. This guide will assist you in finding the best rectangle above ground pool.

best rectangle above ground pool

15 Best Rated Rectangle Above Ground Pools Reviewed

After spending hours researching and testing each pool separately, we have settled on the 15 best options out there. Skim through these reviews to find yourself the right pool:

1. Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool

Intex 8.5ft x 5.3ft x 26In rectangular frame above ground swimming pool is designed to fit small spaces. A pool with a large rectangular frame like this one, you and your kids will enjoy playing water games such as Marco Polo and even volleyball. Even adults will find it just right for chilling in the hot days of summer.

It only requires 30 minutes to set up and use even if you dont have prior experience of installing pools. The rust-resistant frame keeps the pool up in one piece no matter how many hours your kids splash in the water.

There is a flow control valve inside to drain the water once you are done. You can hook up a filter with it to keep the water clean.


  • Perfect size for kids
  • Great for outdoor water activities
  • Extremely simple to set up


  • Only fit for areas with level ground

2. Bestway 7.25ft x 5ft x 17in Steel Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool

Bestway 87 rectangular splash frame pool is just the right pool for families with kids and small spaces. It has a shallow depth enough to help kids who are learning to paddle.

Its pretty quick to set up this pool. Join the steel poles together with T connectors and C clips and the frame is ready. The frame holds the pool liner and the outer wall in place.

Tritech pool walls keep the structure intact. No matter how excited your kids are, the pool wont come down. The corrosion-resistant steel frame adds to the durability of the pool.

There is a built-in flow control drain valve for the users convenience. Attach it to the garden hose for filling the pool with water.


  • Takes 10 minutes to assemble
  • Extra sturdy side walls keep the structure intact
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • The bottom is made from less durable material

3. Bestway Steel Pro 157 x 83 x 32 Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you want a slightly bigger pool, Bestway Steel Pro 157 x 83 x 32 would fit your entire family. It can hold up to 1,506 gallons of water! Plus, there is enough room to swim and play.

It isnt too deep; making it safe for kids and its not too shallow either. No prior experience is required to set it up. Just follow the manual and you will be done in 10 to 15 minutes.

The frames are made from corrosion-resistant metal. The sidewalls of the pool are made from 3 separate layers of heavy-duty PVC and polyester. You wont be disappointed with the durability of this pool. Overall, its a great bargain, especially if you have kids.


  • Sturdy build
  • Corrosion-resistant metal frame
  • Comes with a built-in flow control drain valve


  • Bottom material is not that durable

4. Bestway 9.8ft x 6.6 ft x 79 x 26in Deluxe Splash Steel Frame Kids Swimming Pool

Bestway 9.8ft x 6.6 ft x 79 x 26in Deluxe Splash is one of the safest pools for kids. It has a low height so feel free to let your little ones splash in the water.

Its very easy to assemble. It is not just suited for backyards, you can even carry it outdoors. Even kids can assemble it within a few minutes. Just reinforce the rope wraps around the bottom of the pool liners to keep its legs in a firm position.

Once you and your kids are done having fun in the pool, use the flow control drain valve to get rid of all the water and pack the pool for easy storage. The pool lining is 3 times thicker than what average pools offer. You will be happy to have a firm and durable pool.


  • Reinforced rope wraps keep it in position
  • Walls are made from 3 layered material
  • Anti-corrosion steel framedoes not catch rust


  • The materials used for construction are not that durable

5. Intex 16ft X 8ft X 42in Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex 16ft X 8ft X 42in prism frame rectangular pool set is among the top line of ultra-frame pools. The new prism design is not just affordable but it offers lots of other benefits. A pool in gray color with white trim would fit any modern backyard.

The cartridge filter pump features Hydro Aeration Technology for better water circulation and flirtation. The pool also has a drain plug for easy removal of water.

It is not just a pool but an entire pool set. You will find a 1000 gal cartridge filter pump, pool cover, ground cloth and a ladder in the set. The inside liner has a mosaic tile print. It makes you feel as if you are in an actual swimming pool.


  • Supports the hydro aeration technology
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Pool accessories included for safety and maintenance


  • Not ideal for sand, mud or loose solid grounds

6. Steel Pro Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

If you are in search of an affordable alternative to steel-walled pools, you might like Steel Pro Deluxe splash frame pool by Bestway. It is more stable than inflatable pools.

The pool has a superior frame design. Its coated with a rust and corrosion-resistant to prevent it from UV rays and abrasion damage. The manufacturer has included a 3-ply PVC support band around the pool to make the walls extra sturdy. This makes the pool safe for kids and even adults.

The pools height is over 2 feet, which is ideal for little ones. You will find it very useful in building the confidence of your kids in their swimming abilities.


  • Lightweight yet durable PVC material makes the pool extra sturdy
  • Pool frame offers structural stability
  • Decent size for kids and adults


  • Somewhat difficult to set up

7. Intex 18 x 9 x 52 Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool Set with Floats

Intex 18 x 9 x 52 above ground pool comes with everything you need in a pool. It fits narrow backyards. This pool size is ideal for pool games, chilling, and even lap swimming. The pools design can light up any backyard.

It comes with 2 Intex Floating Lounge Chairs with 2 cup holders and carrying handles. Enjoy a beach-like experience by sitting on a chair under the sun. Since its inflatable, you can use it on both land and water.

The ultra-frame design doesnt let the pool fall down when its crowded with people. You dont need to invest in pool filters when you have the Krystral clear sand filter pump. The pool set includes sand filter pump, ground cloth, debris cover, mega chill cooler, and 2 inflatable loungers. Thats why its called the pool that includes everything you need for a great pool experience!


  • The pool set includes 2 floating lounge chairs
  • Ultra frame design makes it durable and sturdy
  • Built-in sand filter pump keeps the water crystal clear


  • A bit expensive than other pools

8. Bestway 56041 Steel Pro Kiddie Pool

Bestway 10 x 30 above-ground swimming pool set is another compact pool for kids and adults to hang out in. What makes this pool special is its size. Its spacious enough to fit your entire family and compact enough to fit in a modest backyard.

Its 10 x 30 metal frame keeps the pool up and stable with T connectors and C clips. Its 2feet deep which is just the right depth for kids who are learning to swim. They will be super comfortable in this pool.

The pool is made from lightweight PVC material to keep it structurally intact. Its tear-resistant as well. If you maintain it, it will last for years. Speaking of maintenance, you will find a DVD in the package with instructions to set up the pool and some handy maintenance tips.


  • A spacious yet compact design
  • Perfect depth for kids learning how to swim
  • Pool frame has corrosion-resistant coating for extra durability


  • The pool drain valve might be disappointing

9. Intex 32 x 16 x 52 Rectangular Ultra XTR Frame Swimming Pool w/Sand Filter

Intex 32 x 16 x 52 is a summer pool that requires very medium maintenance. Its ideal for busy moms who cant dedicate extra hours towards pool cleaning. It requires routine backwashing and replacing every 5 years.

This rectangular pool has a classic and clean design. It has a gray outer line and blue tile print inner line. The rectangular pool design can fit narrow backyards well.

The pool set includes a sand filter pump, ground cloth, and debris cover. You dont have to spend extra money on expensive filters. You and your family will enjoy their summer days and have a blast in the water.


  • Fits small spaces very well
  • Takes 90 minutes to set up
  • Sand filter pump makes pool maintenance very easy


  • Lacks in terms of durability

10. Bestway 56477E Power Steel Above Ground Pool

Got a big family but only a modest backyard? This 24 x 12 x 52 above ground pool will not disappoint you.

The pool has a superior frame design. The frame is rust and corrosion-resistant. You wont have to worry about abrasion or UV damage. The connectors are rust-resistant too. Another cool aspect of the frame is a seal and lock system. It guarantees that each joint connection is secure. No matter what the water pressure, the joints dont bend or leak. The pin clip design makes the joint connection much stable.

You dont need a traditional floating chemical cleaner to wash the pool. ChemConnect chemical dispenser gives you and your family crystal clear water to swim. Its not just the pool with the best size but the best features. The pool set includes a ground cloth, sand filter pump, filter cartridge, and ladder.


  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • 3 ply PVC wall makes the pool extra sturdy
  • ChemConnect chemical dispenser keeps the pool water clean


  • The pool pump is a little weak

11. Bestway 18ft x 9ft x 48in Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool

If you are in search of an advanced pool, ideally the one that works with a pool pump, Bestway 18ft x 9ft x 48in rectangular pool will not disappoint you.

Its strong and supported by steel tube framing. Walls are made from tri-tech material to keep the pool structurally stable. Kids love playing in the pool all summer long but an ordinary above ground pool might not last the reason. Bestway 18ft x 9ft x 48in Rectangular Frame above Ground Poolhas a seal and lock system to provide secure pipe connection. You will be in good hands no matter how many times your kids want to play and swim in the pool. It will hold up to their summer fun.

Another great feature about this pool is the speed at which the drain plug drains water. Connect your garden hose adapter to the drain plug and watch the water move out within minutes.


  • Super quick drain valve makes drain easier
  • Tri-tech material pool walls provide rigidity and strength
  • Seal & lock system provides extra support to the frame


  • Setting up the pool is slightly difficult

12. Bestway Power Steel 18 x 9 x 48 Rectangular Frame Pool Set

This rectangular frame pool is an affordable alternative to steel-walled pools. It can last the entire summer and maybe the next season if used wisely.

Like other Bestway models, this one also features seal and lock system patented frame design. The frame wont bend or leak due to water pressure. The pool frame itself has corrosion and rust-resistant coating. The walls are made from 3-ply PVC. It can take the splashing of your kids like a boss.

With ChemConnect chemical dispenser, you dont have to worry about spending extra money on floating chemical cleaners. Additionally, with the flow control drain valve, emptying pool water is no longer a task. At such a reasonable price, you are not just getting a pool but pool accessories too.


  • Constructed from durable PVC material
  • Easy and minimal-tool assembly
  • Doesnt bend or leak like traditional pools


  • Some of the accessories in the pool set might be missing

13. Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package

This rectangular pool has a metal frame and the walls are made from heavy gauge PVC reinforced inside the inner layer of the polyester mesh.

The unique quality of this pool is that it features a skimmer plus filtration system. This fully functioning surface skimmer keeps your pool water clean. Forget about bugs, leaves and debris.

You can remove the integral cartridge and skimmer basket and clean them. The filter can also take a 1-inch chlorine tablet. The package includes pool accessories like pool cover, vacuum head, hose, telepole, and leaf skimmer


  • SkimmerPlus filtration system keeps pool debris-free
  • Cartridge filter accepts 1 chlorine tablet
  • The U-shaped legs offer support to the pool


  • The pool might develop holes and leak water

14. Bestway 56625E Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool Set

This pool measures 31.3ft x 16ft x 52in will get you to add fun and attraction to your backyard. Its very simple to assemble and even empty out. The drain plug on the pool connects to the garden hose adapter easily and drains the pool water very quickly.

The sidewalls and wall band of the pool are made from Tritech material to stand up the wear tear of kids as well as the weather. The frame itself is strong and durable. It supports the seal and lock system to secure the pipe connection keep the pool in one piece.

The antimicrobial cartridges prevent the growth of bacteria inside of the pool. You dont have to spend extra time and money to maintain them.


  • High-quality pool filter pump included
  • Pool ladder makes entry and exit safe
  • Sand filter pump keeps the pool water clean


  • The pump is not that powerful

15. Intex 14 x 42 Prism XL Frame Square Above Ground Pool Set with Filter Pump

This pool is huge! It accommodates your entire family and even pets. Its constructed from puncture-resistant, 3-ply material. Its just the right size if you are a fan of hosting backyard pool parties.

The pool features a cartridge filter pump that operates on the Hydro Aeration Technology. As a result, you can expect better water clarity and circulation. It offers 25 percent more pool area as compared to round frame pools.

The pool includes 1,000 GPH pump and filter, pool ladder, ground cloth, debris cover, and a DVD that contains instructions to set up the pool. You and your family will enjoy your summer in this big pool.


  • Perfect for family fun and even pool parties
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy frame and sidewalls


  • Filtration pump isnt that powerful

Buying Guide How To Choose An Above Ground Pool?

These tips will sort all the trouble and let you narrow down your options in above ground pools:

  • Pool Height and Shape

This has a lot to do with the space available in your backyard. To get the size right, measure the available space. Remember, there should be enough space around the pool to roam easily.

Height is not technically dependent on the available space. This depends on your needs. Most above ground pools are available in height ranging between 35 and 54 inches.

  • Material

Above ground pools are found in 3 basic materials steel, aluminum, and resin.

Steel is a strong and cost-effective pool material. Most steel pools are galvanized coated to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Aluminum pools are best for inclement weather. The only turn off is aluminum oxidizes.

The resin pool has walls made of steel and parts made from durable plastic. Its one of the most durable and affordable options.

  • Installation

Choose a pool thats easy to set up and install. Normally, it takes anywhere between a few hours and days to have a fully functional pool.

  • Safety

If you have kids, safety must be a significant part of your mistake. The pools that have a high entry point and fencing around are the safest.

Final Words

When you are making an investment like buying an above ground pool, you have to be certain it meets your familys needs. Our top pick is Intex 8.5ft x 5.3ft x 26In rectangular frame above ground swimming pool. It can accommodate small spaces, and its height is perfectly safe for kids. In just 30 minutes, its ready to use.

However, feel free to browse other options and choose the above ground pool that fits your backyard and meets the needs of your family.

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