130 Of The Most Creative And Beautiful Works Shared In This Crochet Lovers Community (New Pics)

Crochet—the art of creating textiles by using a hook to interlock loops of yarn—has been around for a long time, and it continues to stay relevant to people all around the world. A good example of this is the subreddit called, you guessed it, r/crochet.

This online community has 465,000 members, who are using the platform not only to discuss the craft, but also to share their works. It doesn't matter if they're creating an intricate wedding dress, a giant mural expressing support for Ukraine, or a little bouquet of daisies, these folks know what they're doing and their projects successfully show that crochet is virtually limitless. Everything depends on your imagination.

So to provide the subreddit with the attention it deserves, we at Bored Panda have started a mini-series on it. To catch up, fire up our first and second publications on it, and continue by checking out the latest pieces that were uploaded to it below.

#1 Daisies Kinda Day Today!

Image credits: shrewshru

#2 I Organized A Crochet Peace Mural!

Image credits: madebylondon

#3 After 5 Years Of Infertility And Crocheting Many Baby Gifts For Others I Was Finally Able To Crochet Stuff For Our Own Baby Boy Expected Any Day Now!

Image credits: Stephanie87-123

#4 I Made My Wedding Dress

Image credits: LocalCucumber

#5 A Barn Owl

Image credits: CoughInNine

#6 Decided To Patch My Favorite Overalls Today

Image credits: twin_weenis

#7 So Much Effort Went Into This Kitty Couch, But It Was Worth It To See Pepper’s Completely Unimpressed Little Face

Image credits: SuchANiceGirl

#8 Made This Corny Ski Mask

Image credits: Sloppysteaks447

#9 So Happy With The Way This Turned Out!

Image credits: evanenby96

#10 My Mom Doesn't Use Reddit So I Wanted To Post This Because She's An Amazing Woman With Amazing Talent

Image credits: Mo-Finkle

#11 I Have Finally Perfected My Stabby Duck!

Image credits: TeenyTinyFroggy

#12 My Cap Decoration For Graduation

Image credits: HAmbort7

#13 Had To Make A New Hat For Our "Silly Hat Day" At School This Week. (Free Handed)

Image credits: guessdragon

#14 Finally Finished My Mother's Day Gift

Image credits: Ritchpieces

#15 Do You Like My Crochet Sunflowers?

Image credits: NatagorFinlayson

#16 I Still Need To Finish His Other Shoe, But Here's Bruno/Hernando!

Image credits: Velociraptornuggets

#17 Made A Cute Little Spider. He’s Super Soft And Squishy!

Image credits: defiant225

#18 Do You Like My Crochet Mini Roses?

Image credits: NatagorFinlayson

#19 I Finished My First Project! It’s Not Perfect But I Think My Friends Baby Will Still Appreciate It

Image credits: 103cuttlefish

#20 Almost Two Years After I Made It, My Cat Is Finally Using His Couch

Image credits: BostonCompSci

#21 This Graphgan Took Me 4 Months, My Son Better Love It Until He's 30

Image credits: Illustrious_Salt1630

#22 I Crocheted My Wedding Dress And Shawl

Image credits: Dinogirl3000

#23 Finished! Overlay Mosaic Alien Invasion Afghan! A Gift For My Dad

Image credits: TheLadyChatelaine

#24 Just Wanted To Share My Work

Image credits: daddyslaila

#25 I Crocheted Radiohead Lyrics On My Notebook Paper Blanket

Image credits: Stacy_Hot

#26 Made This Avocado, With A Removable Pit!

Image credits: alanja_handmade

#27 So Logically I Knew That Using Jumbo Yarn And An 11.5mm Hook Would Make A Giant Amigurumi, But Emotionally… I Was Not Prepared For How Big He’d Be

Image credits: v-es

#28 I Loved Making This Don’t Get Me Wrong, But I’m Not Mad If I Don’t Hold A Hook For A Hot Minute Now

Image credits: MizBred

#29 I Updated This Mini Rainbow Coat So This Little Girl Could Get A Few More Years Wearing Her Favorite Coat! I Added New Sections To The Bottom And Sleeves, And A Wider Trim. So Happy To Continue To Work On This Piece!

Image credits: greyis

#30 My Mom Made This Beautiful Baby Blanket For A Woman At Church And Never Got A Thank You

Image credits: franklygemma

#31 I Wanted To Share My Lil Tent That Folds Out Into A Campsite For Mr. Raccoon!!!

Image credits: madebybellabee

#32 Making Stupid Plant Monsters For My Stupid Mental Health

Image credits: She_Hulk_KT

#33 My Daughter Wanted An Anxiety Monster To Help Fight Her Anxieties. This Is What We Came Up With

Image credits: vintage_hobby

#34 With The Wonderful Guidance Of This Community And A Major Evolution, I Present My Final Wall Hanging! I’m In Love

Image credits: meezert

#35 I Think I Took The Word "Oversized" A Bit Too Seriously

Image credits: Arileine

#36 A Moo-Rvelous Cow Based Fruit Basket I Made!

Image credits: Nymeriasslave

#37 Crocheted Big Cat Hats

Image credits: No_Independence_670

#38 Recently Finished The Kiwi Cardigan It’s So Fun I Love It !!

Image credits: kathgarden

#39 It Ended Up A Lot Bigger Than Intended…

Image credits: Hedgehog42

#40 You Just Gonna Scroll On By Without Saying Howdy? (Worm With Cowboy Hat)

Image credits: MsLlamaCake

#41 My Friend Got Drunk And Said His Dream Was To Be First Black Spiderman. I Understood The Assignment

Image credits: PolarMay

#42 One Flower A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away!

Image credits: graceherself

#43 Its Official, This Is The Ugliest Thing I've Ever Made. A Scrap Yarn Cat Bed. But Loki Loves It So I Can't Complain

Image credits: Crilbyte

#44 It Turned Out Awful

Image credits: flameofthesea

#45 Just Finished My Parents' Christmas Gift! An Afghan With All Our Faces On It

Image credits: llsmrakes_99

#46 I Finished My Very First Crochet Project In 14 Days!

Image credits: muratgendigelen

#47 Now I Just Need To Slap On A Border And Weave My Tails

Image credits: Butthole_Jones

#48 I Made This Bc It Was Funny. It Is A Fried Egg Beret

Image credits: thelarpfaeries

#49 It's Finally Done! Made This As A Belated Christmas Present For My Best Friend.

Image credits: a368

#50 Tiny Bear Is Done

Image credits: ewaslimak

#51 Made A Kitty Couch - And She Actually Uses It!!!

Image credits: sparrow_in_the_rain

#52 Plush Army, Ready For The Farmers Markets!

Image credits: XMissZeldaX

#53 Butterfly Wings For My Little Dude

Image credits: measuredandslow

#54 In Case Anyone Was Wondering, This Is What Happens When You Are Only Good At Crochet, Not Felting

Image credits: Lennitom2

#55 Snorlax Squad!

Image credits: Least_Exercise2127

#56 Finally Finished This Set For My Daughter!

Image credits: Pingwingsdontfly

#57 My First Ever Crochet Cardigan Is Complete! Started Crocheting 9 Months Ago And This Is My Own Pattern

Image credits: Immediate-Rub4230

#58 A Crochet Portrait

Image credits: piratedreads

#59 Even Crochet Dogs Need To Be Groomed!

Image credits: centimental-one

#60 My Biggest Crochet Project To Date, Finished It Just In Time For The Chilly Season. I Love These Colours So Much

Image credits: eipas

#61 Peep This Surface Stitching On This Rainbow Blanket I'm Making For My Toddler

Image credits: greyis

#62 The Hours And Effort Are Always Worth It When You Love Something

Image credits: wrriedndstalled

#63 I Posted A Couple Of The Roses I'd Crocheted For My Wedding Bouquet Some Time Ago And Promised To Post My Progress. 12 Roses Now Complete!

Image credits: LayerSuperb

#64 Long Shaun The Sheep Is Completed... Your Daily Reminder To Check What Country Your Pattern Was Written

Image credits: pidgep

#65 Finished This Technicolor Dream Baby Blanket!

Image credits: greyis

#66 Son, "I Need A Crown For School"... Me..."Pass Me My 6mm Hook And Chunky Yellow Yarn... Stat!" .....1 Hour Later....

Image credits: sashman1903

#67 I Crocheted My Betta Fish, Moonbeam

Image credits: t0tallyawes0me7

#68 "Magoosa"

Image credits: CatesCraftsUS

#69 My Van Gogh Amigurumi Doll. It Was A Custom Order

Image credits: mil-mil

#70 After 3 Months And A House Move I Have Made A Single Sock

Image credits: Lefty_Epee

#71 My Cat Square Pillow!

Image credits: chunghaismymom

#72 I’ve Been Crocheting For A Little Over A Year Now, And Here’s Some Of The Stuff I’ve Made In 2021

Image credits: woogynoogy

#73 I Can't Believe It's Finally Done - About 300 Hours And ~8500m Of Yarn Later

Image credits: Aanita37

#74 When You Run Out Of Things To Crochet

Image credits: sugarpie-honeybun

#75 I Made A William Morris-Inspired Shawl For My Mum's 60th Birthday!

Image credits: TapirLove

#76 Wolf Hat

Image credits: No_Independence_670

#77 Made My First Amigurumi With Fluffy Yarn! Not Sure If I Should Add A Nose And Mouth To Her, She Has Some Charm As She Is

Image credits: Avelene

#78 Maxi Dress Complete!

Image credits: grim_bean

#79 Done! Now I Should Actually Watch The Show….

Image credits: maaaaath2020

#80 So I Only Had 7 Safety Eyes Left And Had To Improvise...

Image credits: BlueEyedDragonGal

#81 I Made A Pack Of Smallest Awoos

Image credits: UnsatisfiedToast

#82 Barn Owl Shawl, I'm So Proud Of This One

Image credits: irhicamsd

#83 I Know This Isn't The Usual Thing We Post On This Page But My Yarn Bombing Group Has Been Working On This For 6 Months And I'm Excited To Share

Image credits: jellybean2080

#84 Are These Colors Working?

Image credits: LlamaFanTess

#85 My Persian Tiles Blanket Is Finished. It’s A Beauty

Image credits: mikettedaydreamer

#86 I Will Now Be Devoting My Life To Crocheting Bunnies Bc This Is So Cuteee

Image credits: salome615

#87 I Was Going For A Rainbow Coming Down From The Clouds But It Kinda Reminds Me Of The Crayola Box

Image credits: Rachaem

#88 I’m Meeting My Boyfriend’s Mother For The First Time And It’s Her Birthday. I’ve Given Many Crocheted Gifts To Others In The Past But I’m Second Guessing Myself If It’s A Good Idea To Gift This Scarf I Made For Her

Image credits: Art3misGunter

#89 Just Gave This To My Oldest Friend, For Her 1st Baby!

Image credits: regina_town

#90 It's Today! The Pattern Is Finally Ready

Image credits: snapdragonbrand

#91 Just Finished This Turtle Neck Crop Top!

Image credits: xeonie

#92 I Found This Claw Machine At The Second Hand Store, And Have Slowly Been Filling It With Prizes For When The Little Ones Come Visit

Image credits: BashfullyBi

#93 Special Request From My 13 Year Old Daughter. I Think I Nailed It!

Image credits: GretaStar

#94 Excited To Share My Just-Finished Pot Of Crocheted Primroses. Truly Happy With These Ones

Image credits: happypattycrochet

#95 I Can't Believe I Finally Crocheted My Last Sunburst Square Today. Seeing All The Squares Together Made My Day, I Can't Stop Smiling, Haha

Image credits: cutiepi_314

#96 I Crocheted The Whole World!

Image credits: tropicnights

#97 I Crocheted Poseable Bookworms, Complete With Wire-Frame Glasses And Bowties!

Image credits: revengitude

#98 Fuzzy Llama. Turned Out Bigger Than Expected But I Love Him

Image credits: DelaraesCreations

#99 I've Gotten Really Into Doll Clothes Lately And They're Going Unappreciated By My Loved Ones, So I Thought I'd Share Them Here!

Image credits: AssumedPear

#100 You May Be An 80's Kid If.....

Image credits: SkeinSpider

#101 I Am In A Mental Hospital And Made These Cute Bears To Thank The Nurses And Therapists

Image credits: ThaliaDelien01

#102 Moss Stitch Skirt With Elastic Waistband

Image credits: iamacraftyhooker

#103 It’s Midnight And I Doubt Anyone Will Even See This, But I Just Finished My First Crochet Project And I’m So Excited!

Image credits: UncleGael

#104 A Recent Post Made Me Realize That I Hadn't Posted My Own Spider Here. Made For My 5yo Niece Who Loves Crawly Things

Image credits: Patchedcat

#105 Space Blanket I Made For My Son! It’s Not Perfect But I Am So Proud

Image credits: PaintinginSavasana

#106 Hardest One Yet…..never Again

Image credits: Smallworld72

#107 ~86,400 Stitches, 27skeins, & 4 Months Later...this Beast Of A Blanket Was Born! It's About 7.6 Ft Wide And 7.6 Ft Long

Image credits: vbghdfF14

#108 Toucan For My Nephew's Newborn

Image credits: WonderMarrow

#109 Is He Perfect? No. Is He Mine? Yes

Image credits: SomeRealTomfoolery

#110 I Made My Cat A Dress For Her 1st Birthday!!

Image credits: PookieDear

#111 I Just Finished Her Minutes Ago! Final Tally Was Almost 600 Pieces, And $25 In Materials

Image credits: UnsatisfiedToast

#112 刀马旦(Dao Ma Dan) Is One Of The Many Characters In The Chinese Opera Who Is A Female Fighter/Warrior. This Has Been A Challenging Project Because Of The Many Details. I Think It Turned Out Good

Image credits: sstrmbck

#113 Crochet Portrait In The Making, The Point Where They Always Look A Bit Weird! Hope You Like.... Rhiartsy

Image credits: Vast-Passenger-945

#114 I Made A Doll Of My Knee Surgeon, I Have A Check Up Soon, But I Might Chicken Out And Not Give It To Him. What Do You Think? Kinda Weird? Lol!

Image credits: blondibear73

#115 Holy Anxiety… I Did This For A Silent Art Auction

Image credits: ireland7211

#116 My Crochet Octopus

Image credits: Wireable

#117 Finishing This Happypotamus Made Me Very Happy. Tomorrow His Neck Will Be Tied In A Red Bow And He Will Be A Birthday Present For My Dad

Image credits: cutiepi_314

#118 Passing My Finished Catghan To Its New Owner

Image credits: allhailcupfish

#119 This Is My Favourite Shawl I Have Ever Crocheted

Image credits: blueyurble

#120 Peppermint Blanket Is A Little Late For The Holidays But It’s Done!

Image credits: KBWordPerson

#121 Does Anyone Remember Yip Yips From Sesame Street? I Thought They Would Make Terrific Stockings For The Grandkids!

Image credits: Kloewent

#122 I Made A Cat Couch!

Image credits: WaywardPrimrose

#123 Ever Pick Out Colors For A Project And In Your Mind, It’s Going To Be So Pretty And Then Half Way Through You Realize It’s Not Nearly As Pretty As The Picture In Your Mind But It’s Too Late To Turn Back?

Image credits: SSquared82

#124 Just Finished This Baby Blanket

Image credits: Matey29

#125 This Is The First Crochet Outfit I’ve Completed

Image credits: ivyleagueshawty

#126 I Can Now Safely Post The David Blanket I Made For My Mom, Who Is A Huge Schitt’s Creek Fan!

Image credits: chaoticgoodbiologist

#127 Cupcake Queen!

Image credits: jazminking

#128 I Crocheted A Cat (Freehand)

Image credits: LaLaTuzi

#129 Old Gregg Is Finally Done

Image credits: napalm_serenade

#130 Copper Inspired Eastern Dragon In Celebration Of My First Year Of Crocheting!

Image credits: NeonnBat