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The Avengers. The Justice League. The X-Men. David Blaine. Our world is full of mythical beings endowed with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. We gaze upon their herculean feats, marvel, and dream.

But while we all wish we could fly or lift tons or shoot lasers from our eyes, we’re really not Thor. We’re more like Hawkeye, just a guy with no powers and a gimmick. However, a simple bow and arrow still got Clint into the Avengers — and some of the skills found in The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle can practically turn you into a real-life superhero.

In all, you’ll get lifetime access to five different apps to help reshape your mind, body, and abilities, each granting you a new set of superpowers that a surprisingly small number of people possess.

Speaking another language opens you up to whole new worlds of culture, understanding, and perception — and uTalk will open up their language archives to help you add two new languages to your skillset. 

Scientists, researchers, and linguists all pooled their expertise to help make uTalk, featuring short lessons, native speakers, dual-coding images, voice recognition technology, word games, and a host of other tools to help you immerse in your new language quickly. You’ve got 140 languages to choose from, each featuring up to 180 hours of intensive training to get you speaking fluently.

Next, you can rev up the speed you take on new information with the help of 7 Speed Reading. Rather than simply handing over software activities, world-leading experts guide you every step of the way to boost your reading speed up to three times faster with full comprehension. 

7 Speed Reading uses scientifically designed exercises to break you of bad reading habits that slow you down while bolstering habits to speed you up. At the same time, 7 Speed Reading constantly tracks your reading speed and comprehension, customizing to your needs as you go.

Now that you can read like The Flash, you can start applying that increased speed to skills training with full access to the Integrity Training roster of courses. They offer in-depth courses in literally hundreds of subjects, including everything from IT certification, project management, business skills, and cybersecurity, to web and app development, sales and marketing, big data, blockchain and more.

Whether you want to train in a single topic or just want an ever-ready training library always available, this Integrity access has you covered.

With all this new knowledge bouncing around in your head, balance is the key — so the MindFi helps bolster your mental wellness too. The app offers a full range of science-based mindfulness content and tools, such as 1-minute meditations and digital detoxes to expanded training to reduce anxiety and shore up your build leadership skills. You can even learn to meditate without closing your eyes. 

Finally, there’s the true calling card of any superhero — that chiseled, toned physique. With the Fitterclub app, you’ll get access to tailored exercise and nutrition plans that make sustainable, optimal health possible. After assessing your fitness levels, body type, experience, and personal goals, Fitterclub creates a personalized program to help you shed pounds, get cut, or just get your body healthier.

This five-step guide to the smarter, faster, stronger, better you would normally cost almost $3,000, but with this package, it’s all available now for only $79.

Prices are subject to change.

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The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle - $79

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