Worksheets for Map Skills You’ll LOVE!

Worksheets for Map Skills

Worksheets for Map Skills

Looking for worksheets for map skills?!

The term “worksheet” gets a bad rep.

I think people envision a drill, drill, drill activity that doesn’t allow students any room for creativity.

Personally, I strongly believe that there’s room for worksheets in every classroom!

Not a class of entirely worksheets. But adding a few into your day is TOTALLY OKAY.

Worksheets give students a minute of “downtime” that is so deeply needed in every stimulating classroom environment.

Worksheets allow a concrete way for students to demonstrate what they know.

Your lesson doesn’t have to be 100% worksheets, but incorporating some worksheets into a classroom lesson is a wonderful way to meet the needs of your learners.

Everyone learns differently!

Some kids may thrive with a worksheet. And some may prefer other types of learning.

This is why it’s so important to incorporate a wide array of materials and learning methods into your lessons!

Now, I am going to show you my FAVORITE types of worksheetscolor by numbers!

Students LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Concrete learning made fun 🙂

Worksheets for Map Skills

Worksheets for Map Skills

What makes these map skills worksheets so great?

Introducing…. Map Skills Color By Number Worksheets!

Your students will LOVE these!

These activities are so dang fun.

I am not kidding that your students will ask for more (I hear this constantly from teachers about my color-by-number series).

And YOU will LOVE that not only are students learning… but they are ENGAGED and ENJOYING the materials.

The best part?

No prep for you!

Just print, pass out, and enjoy a few minutes of quiet while students get to work (and happily have a coloring reward at the end!)

Plus, these are super easy to grade. Just look at the picture!

Worksheets for Map Skills

How do these worksheets for map skills work?

Kids first answer map skills questions.

Each answer choice dictates a color next to it (like green, red, blue, etc.).

Students will color the coded picture based on the answer that they choose.

Worksheets for Map Skills

What map skills topics are covered?

These map skills worksheets come with a total of 6 worksheets, plus an answer key.

The set comes with the following activities:

  • 1 worksheet on map skills
  • 1 worksheet on hemispheres
  • 1 worksheet on reading a map
  • 1 worksheet on identifying oceans
  • 2 worksheets on identifying continents

Yep, all the map skills content that you need to teach and review is covered!

Where can I get these?!

These are available on the Glitter in Third TPT Store.

Click HERE to check it out!

Worksheets for Map Skills

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