With Endless Options, Here Are The 5 Gifts We Each Would LOVE To Get This Year

Last year, each team member did a big ole gift guide of the things we had our eyes on/already owned and loved (Jess, Ryann, Caitlin, and Mallory). It was extremely fun and we may or may not have gently sent them out to our loved ones (ya know, just in case they wanted any ideas). This year, we thought to make things A LOT simpler and more digestible, we would each pick 5 all-star products that are high on our lists (and that likely someone in your life would love too). Honestly I couldn’t wait to see what each gal was going to send through. The options out there can feel almost never ending, amiright?? But I got to learn a super cool new thing about Ryann! As always we hope this is helpful and alleviates the stress of getting the perfect gift for even just one lucky person on your list. Let’s see what we’ve got cookin for ya.


Sweater | Candle

1. Despite how cliche it is, all I want to be is cozy. Enter this sweater. I love how this both looks like a sweater and a light jacket with its faux fur collar! Plus it has that really cool shoulder detail that gives it more architectural structure than your average cardigan. It’s hip and yet simple enough to be timeless. O and if you have a Gen Zer in your life, Lisa Says Gah (the store where this sweater is from) is STOCKED with extremely trendy (but quality) things they would absolutely love.

2. I know I’ve talked about this candle before but it’s just my favorite and keeps selling out! The smell is intoxicating and really can work in any season because of its beautifully complex mix of ingredients. It’s the greatest, under $40, and I want a lifetime supply.

Necklace | Bag | Ring

1. I’ve had this necklace pinned for months now! How cool is it?! I’m usually not one to go for color in my jewelry but I just love the subtle colorful stones. I would likely opt for the longer chain size (they have multiple length options) because I’m not a big fan of how chokers look no me. Otherwise, I think it’s just the right balance for bold yet neutral for everyday wear.

2. This one is a big splurge but it’s SO pretty (and vegan!). Aside from the beautiful color and texture, you can wear it as a belt bag, sling, or shoulder bag. Basically, it can go with any outfit and I really really want a belt bag (late to the party but got there:)). I just love the idea of wearing it with jeans and a white t-shirt. Effortlessly cool.

3. I’m a multiple wearing ring person but misplaced (or was robbed of, long story) most of my rings on a trip I took back in 2019. I really want to start building my collection back up because I love wearing both stackable and statement rings together. This one has my name written ALL over it but I would wear anything sold by this company. They have tons of options and really amazing necklaces too. I highly recommend you check them out!


Cordless Vaccum | Service Gift Cards

1. I haven’t stopped thinking about Caitlin’s practical gift guide and want like 90% of what’s on her list. My top choice is of course the Dyson Cordless Vacuum. Our vacuum is completely toast and our living room rug is suffering immensely because of it. I need one that will be able to pick up the stubborn dirt and dog hair my pup tracks inside daily and rumor has it this guy can get the job done.

2. Again, Caitlin’s practical gift guide is absolutely fire. I love her idea of gifting a groupon gift card because you can get sooo many services and the older I get the more personal maintenance is both enticing and necessary.

Carry-On Suitcase | Riding Boot | Wallet

1. I am traveling out of the country for the first time next year so it is high time I get some proper luggage. I’ve done a lot of research and would be absolutely thrilled to get this carry-on as a present. It is sleek, has all the necessary compartments to keep me organized, and has a ton of raving reviews.

2. A few months ago I started volunteering at a horse therapy ranch and it’s my favorite thing I have done this year. I am a horse girl through and through so next year my goal is to start taking horseback riding lessons. Of course, this means I need a proper pair of boots and I have my sights set on these paddock riding boots but because I am such a novice, I’d love other recs or opinions!

3. I lost my wallet earlier this year (actually, I swear it disappeared) and have since been using a plastic bag in its place. No, I am not joking. I am at a place where I just want quality long-lasting things so I refuse to buy a cheap wallet that I’ll want to replace in a year. I’ve been looking for a wallet that I’ll keep for a very long time and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been coveting a Louis Vuitton for as long as I can remember. I’d never pay full price for one (or expect anyone else to for that matter) but this is on sale so in case Santa is listening, this is #1 on my wishlist!


Curling Iron | Pan

1. I’ve needed a curling iron with this width for forever but just have never pulled the trigger. So just so you know, hair tools are an awesome gift that people don’t always think to buy for themselves!! PSST, you could also give the mermaid hair tool as a gift because me and the EHD team agree it’s VERY fun to play with.

2. The best gift I’ve ever received is a GOOD cast iron, but the next gift I’d love would be a solid nonstick (pans are a weird thing to buy for yourself IMO) – this one has insane reviews and everyone is constantly talking about it, so I would LOVE to own one myself. Plus it comes in a bunch of cool colors. I love the blue one and the green one:)

Trainers | Pants | Sneakers

1. I’ve linked this shoe before and I’ll do it again because it’s literally the ONLY shoe I wear. I’m not kidding. The APL techloom bliss. Unless I’m leaving my house to go out somewhere nice, I am wearing these shoes. They’re slip-on so they’re insanely easy to get on and off but they still stay on your feet if you’re working out. They’re truly the most comfortable thing I have ever placed around my foot so they put every other shoe to shame. I have the white ones (they’re all washable btw) so after a year and a half of wearing and working out in them almost on the daily, they’re doing okay but it would be nice to have another pair to give them a little break since they are working HARD. I love the shoes in this blue color.

2. I am a total sucker for patterned pants and I’ve been eyeing these for an eternity. I have a dress version (that’s much more colorful) and the amount of times I’ve worn is astronomical. So, it’s kind of a sure-fire bet that I would wear this pattern a lot because it’s SO fun and you feel very cool putting it on. Also honorable mention to these that just came out too:)

3. I know I already gave a sneaker link, but I also have been very into the white sneaker as a ‘going out’ shoe…These are super cute and I’ve had my eye on them for a while…plus they’re leather so they’re easier to keep clean:) Also, I’m very into these Madewell ones with this little pop of yellow – it’s my favorite color & these are only $50!


Quick Escape Coat | Sneakers

1. I recently discovered this brand and OH. MY. GOSH. I am obsessed! Jennifer makes lots of things (masks, dresses, accessories – I’m also obsessed with this bow) but her bread-and-butter offering is the “quick escape coat,” which is a printed swing-style masterpiece. This champagne print is so fun and happy for all occasions (brunch! Birthday parties! Bridal showers! New Years!) and I can totally imagine loving ANYTHING on her site for years to come. I’ve discovered a ton of cool female-founded and owned clothing companies over the past year but this one is at the top of my list – SO GOOD. 🙂

2. Speaking of female-founded companies…of course I need to include my all-time favorite shoe shop!!! I have too many pairs of Charlotte Stone shoes to count (and will happily vouch for the following styles: Paz, Marlo, Sal, Bonnie, Lenu, Gloria, and Dolly) but I’m a huge fan of these velcro sneakers. They’re fun and bright and they seem like a nice alternative to all the clogs I’ve collected. (I think this link still gives some $$ off if you’re interested in being my shoe twin!)

Sleeping Mask | Necklace Charm | Titanium Brush Dryer

1. That this mask doesn’t have a perfect five-star rating is BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION. My skin is like a desert (I have the sand flakes on my right cheek to prove it) and this is the only thing that REALLY works. It’s this awesome gel consistency and it leaves my skin feeling SO SMOOTH and hydrated. I know it’s technically for sleeping, but I also always apply it before plane rides or on days that I’m just going bare-faced and it’s made such a big difference in my skin texture. December marks my one year anniversary of discovering/using this product and I will never go without again!! STOCK ME UP, SANTA 🙂

2. I have been wearing the same two necklaces (this one and this one) for about 2 years non-stop (yes, I’m one of those weird people who never take their jewelry off) and I thiiiink I’m finally ready to change it up. I love literally everything Catbird makes – their website is so fun to poke around, even if you’re not in the purchasing mood – but their sweet and little charms just take the cake for me!! This one feels like a nice replacement for my fortune cookie, yeah?

3. YUP. Rolls Royce of blowdryers right here. When I was on my friends’ bachelorette trip back in May, another gal let me borrow hers and I’ve been eyeing one ever since. They’re currently on CRAZY sale ($119 + an extra $20 off, down from $179!) so I may end up just buying this for myself. Only good hair days ahead, baby!!!

It’s me, Jess! Again, hope this was fun and helpful and now we all know what an “Escape Coat” is:) We also hope you have a wonderful day off with your loved ones tomorrow and then see you back on Friday for our annual (and always entertaining, thanks to Caitlin) Black Friday Sale Roundup post.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Arlyn Hernandez | Photo by Sara Liggoria-Tramp | From: Arlyn’s Warm (& Sort of Last-Minute DIYed) Holiday Reveal

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