Top B2B Video Marketing Stats For 2022 To Understand the Market

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The most effective tool you can use to increase your marketing is video - no doubt about this. However, a remarkably efficient video marketing strategy needs to be based on benchmarks and statistics supported by research, which enables you to spot new chances and assess a campaign's effectiveness.

Additionally, to get the similar benefit other successful businesses have achieved, you can always collaborate with a professional corporate video production company. It's time you take some practical decisions to shape your marketing strategies.

Moving forward, to help you understand why video should be a key component of your B2B marketing approach, we look at some of the most eye-catching video statistics for 2022.

Statistics from the marketers’ POV

Since video continues to significantly impact traffic, leads, sales, and audience comprehension, marketers are more optimistic than ever about the return on investment delivered by this medium. Here are some fascinating stats reported by B2B marketers:

The two most popular corporate video forms are explainer and social media videos.
87% of marketers claim that video marketing has contributed to an increase in their traffic.
94% of marketers declare that videos have improved clients' understanding of their products or services.
86% of marketers state that video has greatly supported their lead generation.
93% of marketers claim that video marketing has helped them enhance brand recognition.
87% of marketers claim that video marketing has a favourable ROI. 

Statistics from the customers’ POV

Consumers are eager to see even more video content in the upcoming year as they continue to use it as a critical component of their interactions with businesses and brands. So let’s see some significant stats claimed by the consumers:

96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
88% of individuals say that watching a brand's video influences them to make a purchase.
73% of individuals prefer watching short videos when learning about a product or service. 

If a video is one minute or less, 68% of people watch the entire piece. (source)
59% of CEOs claim that watching a video is preferable to reading text. 

B2B video marketing stats to know the social media impact

Social media platforms are great for B2B marketing purposes, including reaching a wider audience, raising brand awareness, and promoting your products and services. To fulfil these purposes, a reputable corporate video production company creates videos that perform amazingly well on social media sites. The must-know corporate video stats are as follows:

93% of companies assert that a video shared on social media helped them gain new customers. 
Facebook is the most popular platform for marketers to post video content, with 81.2% of the market. YouTube comes in second with 62.9%. 

Stats on how video adoption and use in businesses is on the rise

Businesses can interact with both present and potential customers, as well as staff, by implementing a thorough video marketing plan. More people than ever before are watching videos today. So, here are some interesting stats to understand the current scenario of corporate video marketing:

Businesses make videos available on their websites 85% of the time.
32% of B2B businesses use video for sales.
30% of marketers consider video a more crucial component of their plan than their website.
According to 69% of marketers, corporate video has become the most heavily invested part of content marketing in 2022. 

Must-know video marketing ROI stats

B2B marketers know that ROI is a baseline for developing future marketing plans and is utilised as a part of analytics. It enables you to ascertain which marketing strategies are effective and which ones could use some improvement. So, before you reach a corporate video production company, know the trending ROI stats to be fully prepared for your next big step.

According to 74% of marketers, video has a higher ROI than still images.
According to 89% of video marketers, video has a positive ROI.
80% of video marketers claim that video has directly boosted sales.
52% of marketers claim that video is influential in establishing credibility with potential clients. 

In many ways, the demand for video has increased. The ten-year overnight success of video appears to continue into the following ten years. The statistics above show a media form that almost all marketers and their consumers find engaging and helpful in achieving extremely significant purposes.