Book Overview:

THE LITTLE BAD BOOK #2: EVEN MORE DANGEROUS! (Delacorte Press / available as of October 11) is full of spooky fun and is perfect for reluctant readers due to its interactive elements. 

The Little Bad Book has a secret, and only the bravest readers can navigate through its spooky riddles to discover the truth!  Similar to choose your own adventure style books, THE LITTLE BAD BOOK #2 puts the reader at the center of the plot and relies on them to navigate through its tricky puzzles to solve the mystery at its center. The interactive elements are a clever way to get kids to work on math, logic puzzles, reading comprehension, and artistic skills, all while still having fun!

THE LITTLE BAD BOOK #2 is a part of a collection of interactive novels in the same vein as the Case Closed series by Lauren Magaziner. There are currently two books available in the series.

My Review:

I'm in my mid 40s and have been reading since I was a child.  I've also instilled the love of books onto my children.  Books take your imagination and curiosity on a journey.  THE LITTLE BAD BOOK #2: EVEN MORE DANGEROUS! goes even further with that by asking readers to solve puzzles and riddles to find out which page they need to go to next.  The reader might get to page 3 but have to end up going to page 16 to find out what happens next.  It takes you on a back-and-forth ride.  The book itself "tells the story" and has readers wondering what's going to take place next.  There's somewhat dark sides and somewhat cutesy sides to the book.  It's a fun, interactive book for tweens and young teens.

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