The BEST Place Value Worksheets for 3rd Grade

The BEST Place Value Worksheets for 3rd Grade

Place Value Worksheets 3rd Grade

It’s time to make place value worksheets for 3rd-grade FUN!

Now if you’re thinking that’s easier said than done… well… just you wait 🙂

I put together the most fun place value worksheets that I could brainstorm.

I KNOW that your students will absolutely love these.

Concrete practice is so important, but if students don’t try when complete something because they are bored, well, that’s a problem.

I knew I wanted to put something together that would immediately grab a student’s attention!

The answer?

A color by number!

Keep reading to learn all about these place value worksheets for 3rd grade!

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Place Value Worksheets 3rd Grade

What makes these place value worksheets for 3rd grade so great?

At the end of the day… a worksheet is a worksheet. It’s a concrete way to practice a topic.

But I kept thinking – how could we make this more fun for students?

Well, throw in a color by number to the mix, and suddenly students LOVE completing it!

At the end of the place value worksheet is a coloring reward!

And not just a picture to color… but a picture that is based on students’ answers.

This extra motivates students to complete the worksheet – and complete it correctly so that their picture “looks right.”

The picture is even more awesome because it makes it easier for YOU to grade!

Place Value Worksheets 3rd Grade

What is included in these place value worksheets for 3rd grade?

You receive a total of 10 place value worksheets in this color by number set.

Plus an answer key, of course!

You get the following topics:

  • 1 worksheet finding the value of numbers (ex: what is the value of 7 in 784)
  • 1 worksheet identifying how many ones/tens/hundreds in each number
  • 1 worksheet reading place value (ex: 4 hundreds, 5 tens, 2 ones is 452)
  • 1 worksheet identifying digits (ex: find the number with 6 in the tens place)
  • 2 worksheets reading base ten blocks and identifying the number
  • 1 worksheet identifying if each number is standard, written, or expanded
  • 2 worksheets changing expanded to standard form
  • 1 worksheet reading written numbers and changing to standard form (ex: nine hundred sixty-seven –> 967)

All angles and facets of place value are covered in this place value set!

Place Value Worksheets 3rd Grade

Where can I get these place value color by number worksheets for 3rd grade?

You can grab these at Glitter in Third on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click HERE to check them out!

Looking for more info on place value?

I have other products available at Glitter in Third on TPT in case you want a digital or paper product.

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