Spanish Weather Vocabulary Listening Activities

El clima is a short video conversation about weather and clothes in Spanish. Juan and Pamela talk about the weather as Juan is getting ready to leave the house. Watch the video and try the listening comprehension activities below.

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Pre-Listening Activities

Before I watch videos with my students, we predict what they will hear in the video. To do this, you can tell students the general topic is dressing for the weather and ask questions such as ¿Qué te pones en un día soleado? ¿Cuándo usas un paraguas? ¿Te gusta la nieve? ¿Qué te pones cuando hace frío?

Learn Spanish Weather Vocabulary

With my students, I usually watch videos all the way through once before doing activities. If you are assigning the video for remote learning, encourage students to watch once before trying answer the questions. Our easy Spanish conversations videos are short and comprehensible. Students will understand a lot the first time. In addition, watching the whole video provides important context that helps them understand when they watch a second time.

You can watch the video below or on YouTube: Spanish Weather and Clothes| Easy Spanish Conversations | El clima.

Vocabulary for the Spanish Weather Video

Many of the words will be familiar, but these words are specific Spanish weather vocabulary. You may want to do pre-viewing activities to teach these words if your students haven’t heard them before. See Listening Activities You’re Not Doing (But Should Be) for suggestions of narrow listening activities that incorporate vocabulary.

la chamarra – jacket

los guantes – gloves

la bufanda – scarf

el gorro – stocking cap

los lentes de sol – sunglasses

la gorra – cap

el paraguas – umbrella

la nieve – snow

los truenos – thunder

la lluvia – rain

el frío – cold

soleado – sunny

fresco – cool

llover – to rain

el viento – wind

Comprehension Activities for Spanish Weather Video

Get the printable Spanish Weather Vocabulary Video Comprehension Questions.

First, learners match vocabulary words to pictures. Students may be able to do this without watching the video again. If so, when you watch again, they can check answers or fill in any they didn’t answer.

Image of matching vocabulary activity with Spanish weather words and drawings.

Next, learners identify which speaker said the phrase.

Finally, there are a few additional questions about the video content and personal questions related to weather. 

Image of listening activity for Spanish weather vocabulary based on the video.

We hope this video and the questions are useful in class, for families, and for independent learners. We appreciate your feedback, so let us know how they work for you in the comments below. 

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