Sing your heart out! How singing in the shower is good for your health

Sing your heart out! How singing in the shower, or anywhere in fact, is good for your health.

Whether you have the ability to hit the high notes or not will not affect your ability to feel the high from singing. Singing in the shower has some incredibly positive effects on our overall health and wellbeing, some of which you really wouldn’t expect.

Who would have thought that such a simple act as singing – one of life as a human being’s greatest anomalies – could have such benefits? How we managed to come up with something so delightful as music is beyond comprehension when it comes to the difference between man and beast, but it truly is one of our most awesome attributes that invokes all sorts of emotions and feelings. The psychological as well as physical benefits associated with releasing a tune vocally are definitely worth noting…and it doesn’t matter what level of talent you have for it, it is the simple act of doing it which invokes the positive effects.


Singing has been hailed by the Alzheimer’s Society as having an incredible effect on concentration and memory recollection. It can improve our brain function and keep our minds working effectively because it encourages more oxygenated blood to pass through the brain.


The human happy hormones known as endorphins are released when we sing, as is oxytocin another hormone. The combination of both make us feel  euphoric and will reduce our stress and anxiety. During the release of these hormones, pain is also reduced and numbed.


Studies have proven that due to the calming effect that singing has on our bodies and minds that our blood pressure can also be significantly lowered. This process can then have a positive effect and boost our immune system.



Singing uses many of the muscles in our face and neck and due to consistent movement works to tone them; that is if you do it on a regular basis. Not only in the facial area does this occur; our intercostal muscles (those which lie between the ribs), and the diaphragm, thus working out parts of us that other exercise just doesn’t reach! The posture we inherit when singing also serves to increase lung capacity and help us breathe more easily.


On a cultural and spiritual level singing is something which connects us as human beings. It overrides social differences and provides a language that all can relate to. It can therefore help us to develop empathy for our fellow homo sapiens no matter their origin or mother tongue.


Singing comes from a place of inspiration, creativity, and conjures a distinct vibration and energy within us. The vibrations it instigates create a circular movement of energy which moves through five of our seven chakras. This helps us to encourage the flow of energy through our bodies as well as connect our own frequency with the outside world; when we really connect with an intention, the power of the voice and music together are formidable tools.


If you feel conscious of your voice or just simply don’t feel confident enough to participate in any form of group singing, then taking that moment in the car or the shower will deliver the same effects physically and mentally; except of course the social and cultural benefits. This is something positive and healthy that we carry with us at all times, it is definitely worth using!

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