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Getting your children to turn the pages of a book isn’t always easy but helping you to instill the love of reading is Dene Bright, Principal of Reach British School, who even shows you how to find books to match your child’s interest… so read on.

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The Reach British School strongly believes that reading is a skill that is learnt and needs to be practiced. As a parent, you can support your child by helping them read at home.

Reach British School encourages families to read aloud, even when their children can read by themselves.

It is fun to have your child read to you. You can use a range of items including books, brochures, song lyrics and even cookbooks.

Research shows that reading aloud improves children’s knowledge and vocabulary, as well as their writing and comprehension. By listening to their children read aloud, families are supporting their children’s learning, and increasing their confidence and sense of security.

Reading to, and with children, also has social and emotional benefits; it promotes a positive mood and sense of wellbeing.

Reading as a family

Here are some great ideas for reading at home as a family:

• Have a special place at home to keep books and other reading materials

• Encourage your child to choose what they would like to read. Be positive about their  choices

• Let your child see you reading (both mum and dad) – for enjoyment and to learn

• Share your reading choices with your child and tell them why you have chosen a particular book or article; what you are reading and what it is making you think about

• Encourage your child to set aside a regular time for reading each day. Model this yourself so your child sees you as a reader

• Be interested in what your child is reading and ask them to recommend books for you to read

• Encourage your child to find reading material on their favourite topics. Explore together different formats such as audio books and graphic novels

• Try out books in a series. If your child gets ‘hooked’ by the first book, they are more likely to continue reading the series

• Monitor access to a computer or device so that your child can use the internet

• Ask others about what they are reading


Finding books

Finding the right book for your child is essential to encourage their interest in reading. Your child may enjoy books about people and places that are just like them.

Consider choosing books about your child’s interests, where you live or your culture. Give your child the opportunity to experience a range of different things to read including fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry and short stories.

If English is not your child’s first language, it is valuable to encourage them to learn words and read in their first language.

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