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George Canine 3.5.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
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• In Lessons 1 and 2, George teaches the alphabet letters that are most familiar to children: a, b, c, f and e, and their uppercase partners: the capital letters A, B, C, F and E.
The letter d is learned in Lesson 6 to separate it from the letter b, because students commonly confuse these two letters.

• In lessons 3 and 4, students learn the letters, i, n, o, s and t, because these are the most frequently used letters in the alphabet.

• In lesson 5, students learn the uppercase (capital) letters, I, N, O, S and T.

• In lesson 6, students learn the next set of frequently used letters: d, h and r, and the most common letter combination in written English: th.


The content of each lesson is based on current and conclusive research to show that children should be taught:

• Phonological analysis – individual sounds within spoken words. The ability to break up spoken words into separate sound units is the most important predictor of a young child’s reading success.

• Phonics – reading and spelling based on the association between sounds and alphabet letters.

• Handwriting – students practice writing letters and words.
This app is unique in that every word that students are required to read and spell contains only the letters that George Canine has taught them. Research shows that this exceptional element ensures reading success.
George Canine’s mode of delivery is based on the latest learning research:

• A slow teaching pace is required: good teachers like George Canine slow the learning pace because young children are slower at processing information.

• Focused attention is essential: the interactive games he offers ensure that children focus their attention to solve the reading, spelling and writing tasks.

• A multi-sensory approach is recommended: throughout the app, children see, hear and touch the letters and words as they learn to read, spell and write.

• Questions are critical: George asks a lot of them.

• Repetition is required: new information is consistently repeated through all of the lessons.

• Positive feedback is primary: George offers helpful feedback on all responses.

• Imagination is motivating: the interactive games are woven into George Canine’s imaginative stories, to ensure that students are motivated by the material.

•Self-paced learning is preferential: children learn at their own rate.

•Comprehension is key: once the children have the required skills, George asks them questions about the texts’ meanings.

• Social interaction supports learning: the app is specifically designed for children to play the games individually or in groups, whether at home or in the classroom.

Download George Canine if you want your students and children to learn to read and write on time.

(U.S. English language)

What's New

- Fixed some bugs with the videos!

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