Peppa Pig Toniebox Starter Set by Tonies

Toniebox is the ultimate storytime companion, made for little listeners with big imaginations. The Peppa Pig Starter Set is a bright pink Toniebox that’s amazingly durable and soft at the same time. It stood the test as our active listeners brought it on a road trip to their grandparents house and insisted on holding (read: dropping) it as they went in and out of the car.

Transport your child to Peppa’s world as she and her family adventure to help friends and neighbors, visit the aquarium, and soothe a new baby. Peppa shares nine very entertaining stories, complete with familiar character voices, music, and sound effects that bring the story to life. Each story sparks imagination to allow the child to visualize story elements and promotes listening comprehension skills. These critical skills precede reading comprehension and narrative development.

Why we love it

Narrative development is a child’s own ability to tell a detailed and cohesive story. Listening to beautifully told stories through the Toniebox can help children develop these skills, which can help to predict academic success later on. Children are using concentration and focused attention as they follow along and visualize these dynamically told stories.

Having a strong foundation and understanding important story elements can help your child with reading comprehension, reporting, persuading, and describing. These are all critical language skills. Parents can engage  even more by asking questions about the story, such as “Why was George sad?” “What makes Peppa a good friend?” “How did the Pig Family help Mrs. Rabbit?” or simply “What was your favorite part?”

The Peppa Pig Starter Set becomes a launching pad for even more rich conversations following these compelling stories. It’s kid-friendly and easy to operate – pinching the adorable triangle ears to adjust volume, tapping the sides to move from story to story, and tilting to rewind or fast forward.]There’s also a built-in headphone jack for quiet listening, which makes this even better for travel!

Available at Tonies and Target

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