“My Brother Charlie” Book Activities

My Brother Charlie is a book by Holly Robinson Peete that explores the world of Autism through Charlies sister. This book definitely speaks to inclusion and is included in the Inclusion Book Companion bundle. I love that this is a sibling point of view and that the main character is the OLDER sibling… not younger.

Let’s take a look at some activities included in the My Brother Charlie Book Companion that are great to pair with this read aloud. (You can grab the free book companion here.)


The Story map is used to find key elements of the story. I love doing this in the whole group setting on the board as a group. The visuals make this a differentiated activity!

After completing the story map as a whole group, you can break off into small groups to review the story map activity at each students individual level.


Sequencing is also a great activity to do whole group and then split off to complete individually for review and to check for understanding.


Vocabulary is easy to review after the first time reading through the story. After the vocabulary review read through the story again bringing attention to the recently learned vocabulary words.

The vocabulary matching activity is also differentiated with an identical picture match.


To review the story at the end of the week we use comprehension worksheets that are leveled to meet your students needs.

Higher level writing worksheets are perfect for your open ended writers.


Finally, complete a visual craft with your students. Use the REAL PICTURE directions and visual materials list to build student independence during craft time.

Ready to start using Book Companions in your classroom?

Grab this My Brother Charlie book companion for free here.

You can find the book here. (affiliate link)

You can find a Youtube read aloud for My Brother Charlie here.

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