Must-Have ELA Resources on Sale for Cyber Monday


It's that time of the year again... TpT is having their Cyber Sale on November 28 and 29, which is the perfect time to stock up on high-quality ELA resources to last you through the winter—and beyond! Here are some must-have resources on sale from the Secondary English Coffee Shop bloggers! 


Do your students need a gentle nudge to get them through to the end of the semester? Check out my digital escape series, TERMINUS. Terminus is a post-apocalyptic reading adventure and will totally hook your students. They play as Rania, a teenager who has just awoken from cryosleep and must follow clues left by her mother to try and save the world. No pressure, right? Students make inferences and solve puzzles using journal entries, emails, newspaper articles, and more in this four-part adventure. Each chapter comes with a thematically-related nonfiction activity and full Teacher’s Guide. Grab this resource here! - Nouvelle ELA


If you are looking for a series of fun and engaging mini-lessons about literary elements, this Elements of Literature Bundle is for you! This bundle includes both the print and digital versions of ten complete literary element lessons! Each lesson contains a quick instructional slide, sketch notes, and task cards! These mini units are the perfect addition to any short story lesson or as part of a novel unit!

- The Daring English Teacher


Are you looking for ways to improve your students’ reading skills? If so, you should definitely check out The Reading Mysteries Program. The Reading Mysteries Program is a full-year middle and early high school program with 40 ready-to-use reading mysteries that are designed to improve close reading, inference, and critical thinking skills. All of your students will be totally engaged as they work together to solve high-interest mysteries, using reading comprehension skills, critical thinking, and text evidence strategies to support their findings. Plus, who doesn’t love a good mystery? Click here to learn all about the program! - Presto Plans


Imagine this: You or a character of your choosing, have just been invited to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party. You will now have the opportunity to evaluate and carefully select the décor for this festive Christmas event. They can be used as individual Christmas writing activities or as a complete unit, as they all go hand in hand, yet offer something different in each activity. Click HERE to get the ugly party started! - The Classroom Sparrow


One of my favorite activities this time of year is my Regifting Argument Analysis! Students absolutely love debating about regifting and this pack includes pro/con nonfiction articles that students can analyze, as well as writing, speaking, and tech activities (optional). It is fun for everyone!

- Tracee Orman


Are you looking for a resource you can use with ANY novel study? If you do lit circles and have students reading different novels at the same time, this NOVEL STUDY resource will help keep you and your students focused and on track. I use these resources to help my students analyze the plot, characters, setting, and other story elements as they work through their books. This bundle also includes activities for creative student response, unique final projects, and more! - Addie Williams

Happy shopping, teachers! We hope that you have fun finding plenty of high-quality resources for your ELA classroom.