Monday May 2, 2022 Robert E. L. Morris

Theme: I SEE (57. Words of comprehension, and a phonetic hint for the answers to the starred clues) - each theme entry is in the pattern of I* C*.

17. *Chilled caffeinated drink: ICED COFFEE.

28. *Cold War barrier: IRON CURTAIN.

44. *Close-knit, influential group: INNER CIRCLE.

60. *English name of a West African republic: IVORY COAST.

Boomer here. 

I had a little pratfall this past week and broke my left shoulder. C.C. is helping me around the house but I am pretty sure that I can drive with my right hand. Spring is almost here. No ICY CONDITIONS.


1. Former Yankee slugger, familiarly: A-ROD.  I have many baseball cards of this guy.

5. Barrel of laughs: RIOT.  Our weather broadcasts.

9. "Joy of Cooking" writer Rombauer: IRMA.

13. Take away: MINUS.  Yes, MIN is in the US.

15. Skeleton prefix: ENDO.

16. Is sorry about: RUES.  I RUE the day I broke the arm.  It still hurts.

19. __-lock brakes: ANTI.  I think most models have these now.

20. Pt. of HDTV: DEF.

21. __ facto: IPSO.

22. "Moby-Dick" ship: PEQUOD.  The ships captain was Ahab but  I don't think he let Moby steer.              
24. Slim woodwind: OBOE.

26. Not well: ILL.  That would be me but you all know that. Chemo coming on Thursday

27. "Star Wars" pilot Dameron: POE.  

32. Blueprints: PLANS.  Very hard to read.

33. Orderly: NEAT.  C.C. keeps our home this way.  My job is the garden if winter ever ends.

34. Comply with: OBEY.  I did not obey the ER doctor.

38. Frying liquids: OILS.  Also paintings.

39. Holy book: BIBLE.

40. Small valley: DALE.  Racer Mr. Earnhardt as well.

41. Ward on "FBI": SELA.

42. Brazilian berry: ACAI. Some fruit I have never tried

43. Medicinal units: PILLS.  I keep the VA Pharmacy busy.

47. Legal org.: ABA. Yankee Aaron's batting average

50. Lummox: OAF.  Yankee Aaron J.

51. Peters out: DIES.

52. Tearjerker featuring Anna Chlumsky in her feature-film debut: MY GIRL.  Also a song by The Temptations.

54. Ceramics oven: KILN.

56. "__ the season ... ": TIS.  To be jolly!

59. Radar screen spot: BLIP.  I do not have radar, but sometimes my TV blips at me

63. Refrain syllables: LA LA.  Starts with FA

64. Majorino of "Veronica Mars": TINA.

65. Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE.  Big name in smelly stuff.

66. Meadow moms: EWES.

67. Affirmative votes: YEAS.  Lots of politics going on out east.

68. Pass (through) slowly: SEEP.


1. In the thick of: AMID.

2. Risotto grain: RICE. A Roni. the San Francisco treat.

3. Part of the Three Musketeers' credo: ONE FOR ALL.

4. Lemon: DUD.  I disagree.  I like lemon on walleye.

5. NFL officials: REFS.

6. The 411: INFO.

7. "__ of Girls' Things": poem by Sharon Olds: ODE.

8. Metal tab that protects a shoe: TOE PLATE.  Pitching rubber.

9. Baghdad's country: IRAQ.

10. Accumulate, as charges: RUN UP.  We did some of this last week.

11. "Same here!": ME TOO.

12. "All kidding __ ... ": ASIDE. Sorry, I can never stop kidding.

14. Descendants: SCIONS.

18. Oil cartel acronym: OPEC. So, I wonder how much these guys are making when fill ups are $4.00 per gallon or more.

23. "Riverdale" actor Goree: ELI.

25. Tiny potted tree: BONSAI.

26. Slanted, as a typeface: ITALIC.  It means PAY ATTENTION .

28. 1970s tennis star Nastase: ILIE.  I never paid much attention to tennis.

29. Worldwide humanitarian gp.: UNICEF.  Right now they are devoting time to kids in Ukraine.

30. Concrete-reinforcing rod: REBAR.

31. "Sorry, can't help ya": NO DICE. You will never hear this at the craps table in Vegas.

32. Spots to buy stamps: Abbr.: POS.  Most are forever stamps now.

35. Mid-American Conference university in Indiana: BALL STATE.

36. Actress Fanning: ELLE.

37. "Of course!": YES.  We have no bananas.

39. Triteness: BANALITY.

43. Royal son: PRINCE.  Six years since his death, Minnesota is still honoring his memory.

45. Fin. neighbor: NOR.  Many of us transplanted Norwegians are here in MN.

46. In a lazy way: IDLY.

47. Saunter: AMBLE.  At my age that is called walking.

48. Internal regulation for a club: BYLAW.  I only know 1 to 5 wood and 3 to 9 iron.

49. Nimble: AGILE.  At my age, this word is not used.

53. Hoppy brews, briefly: IPAS.

54. Beer company based in Hawaii: KONA.  Silly me, I thought all beer came from Germany.


55. Some nest eggs, for short: IRAS.  Graybar took care of me however mine has money, not eggs.

58. Dance move: STEP.

61. "C'est la __!": VIE.

62. CIA predecessor: OSS.