LEAF it to me… The Best Fall Picture Books to Read Aloud!

LEAF it to me… The Best Fall Picture Books to Read Aloud!

Looking for the BEST fall picture books to read aloud to your elementary students?

You’re in luck, there are so dang many.

But you know what?

There are so many good ones out there, that it’s really hard to pick “the BEST”.

So I picked ones that I enjoyed, and your students most certainly will as well!

(And if you’re in the back-to-school season, make sure to check out my post on the BEST back-to-school picture books!).

Keep reading to learn all about these autumn picture books!

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Fall Picture Books read aloud

The Best Fall Picture Books

Autumnblings by Douglas Florian

This is a fun book of poems all about fall.

Now, I know that a book of short poems can sometimes be a tough sell to students.

However, there are lots of lesson ideas that you can incorporate this book of autumn poems into.

There are a few ways that you can use the poems.

Personally, I think these poems would work great during a visualization lesson.

You could also not tell students the title of each poem. Then, read it to students. Brainstorm a possible title (hello, main idea lesson!).

These poems would also be great if you have a couple of minutes of class left before a special (just read one or two).

Click HERE to check it out.

Fall Picture Books read aloud

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

I LOVE this book.

It’s very quick and simple, but the pictures are beautiful.

The imagery and language are perfect, it’s very well done.

It compares sounds and things we see in summer to autumn.

Have students close their eyes, then read the book to them.

Next, have them open their eyes and read the book again. How do the images differ from what they were picturing?

Click HERE to check it out.

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming

Another great fall picture book!

This is a sweet story about a squirrel who gets quite disgruntled that leaves on his tree keep going “missing.”

With the help of an animal friend, he learns why the leaves keep disappearing out of his reach.

This is a great book to use when talking about things that are out of our control, and how we can cope with it.

Click HERE to check it out.

Fall Picture Books read aloud

The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry

Animals are afraid of a scarecrow and stay away from him.

The scarecrow is sad and lonely out in the field all day.

One day, he makes a new friend (a crow!).

This book is very sweet and heartwarming, and will make students think twice when they see a scarecrow in a field 🙂

Click HERE to check it out.

Fall Picture Books read aloud

The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade

This book is super cute and endearing – your students will definitely enjoy it.

A little leaf is in “falling” school and preparing to fall off a tree.

But… the leaf isn’t ready.

What if he lands in a gutter? Or on dog poop?

Although this book made me a little sad…. thinking about the leaf falling and that’s the end of him…. it’s a positive and happy message.

Your students will have a lot of fun with this book!

Click HERE to check it out.

Fall Picture Books read aloud

Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin

This is a fun and engaging book that your students will love!

Is this a fall picture book? I mean… loosely…. but it’s so silly that even a slight reference for fall totally gets it on the fall book list 🙂

A man is preparing for winter. He loves birds but doesn’t love feeding the squirrels.

However, the squirrels have plans of their own.

This is a super silly read that will get your students laughing at the extremes that the squirrels go to get the bird food!

Click HERE to check it out.

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