Kior – An At Home Laser Hair Removal Device That 21st Century Men Need

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Unwanted body hair removal used to be exclusively a feminine practice. However, it is not just a woman’s headache anymore. Hair preferences are subjective, and while some guys would rather grow their hair, others like to groom it. We have a new product in the market that claims to offer a 100% safe and effective at-home laser hair removal device for both men and women. But does it actually deliver what it claims? Continue reading and find out for yourself!

Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is Great for Men

  • Laser hair removal is a good option for thinning out hair for men who do not want to remove them completely;
  • It removes the unwanted hair from your body permanently, ensuring better health and hygiene without causing irritation or any skin infections, unlike other methods, which are short-term and risky;
  • Men can now treat areas like their chest or back faster because laser hair removal can efficiently cover vast areas;
  • Additionally, with this method, men don’t need to worry about constant maintenance as they would with waxing or shaving;
  • Getting rid of body hair will also make you feel cooler;
  • It has been observed that men with hairless bodies are more confident;
  • Laser hair removal for men is a painless option compared to other hair removal methods.

Do 21st Century Men Need Kior Laser Hair Removal Device? What Does the Research Suggest?

A survey revealed that nearly 91 percent of men prefer to remove body hair from some part of their body; 28 percent of males now regularly shave or wax their legs, while 38 percent of men now regularly shave or wax their chest hair. Approximately, it is said that once in a lifetime, a man typically shaves off about 27 feet of hair. Another research shows that men shave their neck and beard for 45 days, or 1,080 hours, in their lives.

By looking at these facts we can surely say that there has been a very crucial need for at-home laser hair removal device for both men and women. Because the time it takes to shave; especially for a man back in those times is beyond anybody’s comprehension.

Sure, there is good old waxing, shaving, and trimming but it can rapidly become exhausting. However, with the new and improved laser hair removal devices and techniques, those methods are now old news.

Kior Laser Hair Removal Device – An Overview

Kior laser hair removal machine is the one-stop solution to all your hairy problems.

Here’s how you can use this device…

Well, it is a single-step process and doesn’t require any creams or gels to be used before or after. It takes just a simple step to eliminate undesirable hair with the Kior portable laser hair removal device: just plug it in, lock in the area of skin, and press the button. And you are done!

Who imagined that hair removal at home specifically for men could be so simple? It is not only reasonably priced but is an essential need in today’s era where physical appearances possess much importance.

What Are Some of the Key Features of the Kior Laser Hair Removal Device?

Some key features and advantages of using Kior laser hair removal are:

Effective Hair Removal in Less than 2 Months

Kior laser hair removal device claims that you will be entirely hair-free in less than two months which in comparison to extended laser appointments is noteworthy as they can take up to 7 sessions of laser therapy. Moreover, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

Designed for All Skin Types

As we know, hair removal is one of the major concerns for sensitive skin types, for both men and women. The Kior at-home laser hair removal device is specifically tailored to be suitable for all skin types. Without causing pain or discomfort, Kior eliminates undesired hair with ease.

1,000,000 Flashes and a High-Intensity Laser Beam

Kior laser hair removal device can flash up to one million laser flashes which is quite a lot and is sufficient to remove 3 people’s hair. Moreover, the  Kior at-home laser hair removal system provides a reinforced beam with a similar intensity as that in cosmetic clinics. Additionally, the system uses a wavelength of 650nm, which is greater than that of the majority of laser hair removal products available on the market.

Promotes the Growth of Collagen

For skin to be more healthy and elastic, collagen growth is essential. Alas! As one gets older, collagen synthesis stops. However, the Kior at-home laser hair removal machine can actually support the production of collagen, which helps renew tissues. Thus, not only will you have hair-free skin in a short period of time, but also skin that is healthier, smoother, and more attractive.

Cost-Friendly and Convenient

When compared to other laser hair removal methods, the Kior handheld laser hair removal equipment is far less expensive. Conventional laser hair removal treatments are estimated to cost people over $200 an appointment for each area.

Additionally, in order to observe noticeable results, individuals must attend at least 4 – 6 sessions. The overall cost of laser hair removal can therefore reach up to literal $5,000 or even higher. But when it comes to permanently eliminating hair, Kior is unquestionably a budget-friendly option. Furthermore, using Kior at your leisure and in comfort in your house eliminates the need for clinic visits altogether.

Does Kior Laser Hair Removal Device Come With a Warranty?

Yes, a two-month satisfaction warranty is also included with the Kior laser hair removal equipment. This implies that you can notify them and receive a refund if, after making a purchase, you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason. However, using this product for yourself is the greatest way to fully understand its advantages.

What is the Drawback of Kior Laser Hair Removal Device for Men?

There is only one drawback to this device: It is not effective on very light hair or dark skin. This is because the laser hair removal equipment detects the melanin that is present in our skin and hair. Therefore, men with dark skin or very light-colored hair would not consider this device to be as useful.

Is the Kior At-Home Laser Hair Removal Equipment Worth it?

Absolutely yes! This compact hair removal tool is beyond a powerful instrument that you can use to quickly get rid of all your excess hair thanks to its wealth of functions and significant advantages.

Moreover, the majority of the customers, however, tend to be happy and satisfied with the quality and usage of the product. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on a trusted online customer review website.

So men, are you ready to give this life-changing product a try?

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